Top Tips for Giving Your Home a Spring Time Revival

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Just as the world outside takes a fresh facelift every springtime it is also important to revive your home to create a new and clean energy for the year ahead. It is time to think light, bright and clean. It is time to think new, fresh and exciting. Whether it be the seaside, countryside or sky, take inspiration from the awakening world around you and bring some life in to your home.

Firstly, as the weather warms, remove heavy and dark curtains from your windows in favor for sheers, silks, extra long curtains or simple cotton tab top curtains that will sway and billow in the breeze and create a gentle glow of sunlight. Choose a colour that coordinates with your design scheme and shop around to find styles with botanical or natural embroidery and beading patterns. Create tie backs that incorporate in to your scheme. Use rope and shells, twisted sea grass or ribbon.

Furthermore, during colder months these curtains can be hung behind your winter curtains on a pole or track to create an extra layer of warmth and luxury. Alongside this, remove any heavy and thick cushion covers or throws and replace with pretty and intricate cushions in rustic rural patterns, beading or pastel colours. Play around to find a combination of pattern, colour, style and size that looks effective in situ. Or, consider giving your old cushions a facelift by adding buttons, patchwork floral fabric, tassels, ribbon or embroidery. Similarly take off your bed throw and replace with lightly patterned white or cream bedding to sit at the backdrop of your pretty scatter cushions and maximize the feeling of space within the room.

Even consider tying or weaving ribbon, rope or fake flowers to your bed head for a real natural and fun feel. To accessorize your home, bring in elements of the outdoors by gathering fresh flowers and placing in a vase, collecting pebbles or shells and arranging neatly in a bowl or wrapping sea grass or rope around table legs or bed heads for a nautical feel. Similarly, add floral or oceanic wall art, natural woven rugs and water features. To create a multi-sensual scheme, purchase candles and incense in floral or outdoor fragrances to keep your house fresh and lively.

Alongside this, to maximize the feeling of space and light and to drawer your attention outdoors; arrange your furniture around windows and patios instead of televisions or fireplaces. If you require a more permanent lease of life why not consider painting or staining your current furniture in a cream, white or pastel colour. Furthermore, give your walls a face lift with a fresh and bright coat of paint of botanical inspired wall paper.

Dependant on your budget and desire, it is easy and relatively inexpensive to bring spring indoors. Get outside and collect natural elements to bring in to your home as accessories. Purchase some basic and inexpensive bedding and curtains to lift the feeling of light and then put your feet up and enjoying being a spectator to the waking world around you.

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