From desktop computers to the latest games consoles, from elderly relatives to young couples, there are very few homes in the United Kingdom that don’t have a computer. Whether it is a mass of tangled wires, a bulky and dated processor or an ugly and intrusive printer; the various elements we use and take for granted do unfortunately jeopardize our desire for beautiful, organized and minimalist homes. This, however, does not need to be the case. Large companies such as Sony, Apple and Dell now provide and are constantly developing more slim line and more stylish alternatives to the black and beige eye sores we all know and dread. Furthermore, with clever furniture selection you can also help to incorporate the technology in to a beautiful and undeterred design scheme.

The most simple and effective way to avoid your computer creating an obstacle or eyesore is to choose a laptop. Whatever the technological specification choose a model with a contemporary or at least non intrusive casing. Choose from white, steel, gloss black, pink, striped and so on: the choices are endless! Alongside the aesthetic elements also ensure the laptop has wireless connectivity so that you can connect a printer, scanner and so on without the use of fiddly and time wasting wires. Furthermore, this makes full use of the mobile qualities of the computer and means you can use your laptop in bed, on the couch etc. Alongside your laptop you may also require a desk or area of which to spread your work or simply sit comfortably. As you do not need to consider the position of a computer monitor etc your choice is much more flexible. It would, however, be beneficial to choose a style with integrated shelving or cupboards to house your printer in a neat yet convenient way.

If it is more economical or simply preferable to have a desktop computer there are still a huge variety of options to choose from. Firstly, consider colour. Choose a shade which contributes if not complements the style of the room. Gloss or white versions are particularly good at sitting within a design scheme because of their light reflecting properties. Choose a slim line, space saving flat screen monitor to keep the piece contemporary and as unobtrusive as possible. Furthermore, if required, shop around to find speakers to complement the style of your room. To save space opt for a multi purpose printer, scanner and fax machine which can be hidden away under a desk or inside a cupboard. To keep the area organised and tidy also purchase wire tidy tubes which can house and hold the various wires in a safe and neat way.

As touched upon you can also purchase furniture to effectively assist in maintaining a minimalist finish. Opt for a desk with built in storage, such as a slide out shelf for your keyboard and mouse mat, to ensure the work area can be neatly disguised when required. Finally, whatever your aesthetic and technical requirements are, also be sure to consider your ease of access and posture when choosing a computer and desk as, during long sessions, your health and comfort are of most importance.