Top interior design tips for august - using summer colours

A change of colour can do wonderful things to your home interior and changing colour schemes with the seasons is a great way to alter the mood and atmosphere of a room. Summer colours are light - white, pastels and sherbet tones for example.

Brights are also seen as a good accent for the summer inspired home - as are all natural colour palettes that make you think of the outdoors. There are many ways of bringing colour into the home without having to completely redecorate every room in the house. We have a few tips for using summer colours this August.

  • Fresh summer air, cool breezes coming off the sea, flowers in bloom and relaxed afternoons spent in the park - how do you bring this into colours for your home decorating? A summer bedroom could have fresh paint on the walls such as a pale aqua green, which could in turn be brought in a more saturated tone for bedding and accessories. A shot of yellow will work in wall art or bedside table lamps UK as an accent. Remember to use lots of white to keep it looking crisp and contemporary.
  • Beach house inspired colours such as a deep indigo blue will create a relaxing atmosphere that is highly desirable for summer. Add to this the lightest of blues that almost feels like fresh air when you enter a room. Too much blue can leave you in a passive state so you might look to a lime tint as an accent - this will perk up the room and remind you it is still summer!
  • Bring the gorgeous hues of dining outdoors at sunset into your dining room. You might not have the space outdoors for dining but with the right colour choices it will feel like you are sitting under the sinking sun. A round paper lantern in orange will set the scene when hung low above the dining table. Follow this up with a lighter shade of orange or coral on the walls and sheer white tab top voile curtains at the window. Simple table decoration can pick up on the theme further - try to incorporate a little pink with flower arrangements or candles.
  • Hot pink curtains or floral designs are an instant summer makeover for lounges, bedrooms and dining rooms. The colour reminds us of beautiful blooms, exotic summer holidays and even those pink Cadillacs cruising under the Florida sun!

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