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Top interior design tips for august - terrace dining

We all know how summer seems to come and go with the blink of an eye! This might be your last chance to share special times with friends and family on the terrace or patio - with stylish dining of course. There is something so wonderful about being in the open and yet knowing you are still within your own home. Terrace dining can be had for breakfast, lunch or dinner - not forgetting those mid afternoon tea parties. We have rounded up some of our best tips to share with you on outdoor dining and how to make the most of the warmer weather and lighter nights while the chance is still there.
  • Lighting is very important when you wish to dine on the terrace in the evening. You will need lighting - but have a think about the different options available and the atmosphere they can create. We love soft and ambient lighting as opposed to huge spotlights that glare and produce a false environment. Candles are an inexpensive light source and make great table décor too. If you want something a little more special - forget the rule that fairy lights are for the festive season and hang them amongst garden trees or the patio for a romantic and magical summer night!
  • We love the British tradition of supping tea with friends in a garden full of roses! Those relaxed weekend afternoons can be cherished further with a good approach to decorating your terrace. A round, wrought iron table and chairs set will be perfect dressed with a simple white tablecloth and a collection of vintage tea memorabilia. Visit your local antique shop for some porcelain teacup and saucer sets, an ornate teapot and cake-stand - or buy new with a classic English style.
  • Summertime is cheery and bright - so terrace dining becomes the perfect excuse for experimenting with bold colours. Even clashing colours is possible as it will always be toned down by the natural elements of the garden. Mix and match plates, tumblers and décor pieces in eye-popping reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. This is a fun and laid-back approach to entertaining guests.
  • Just as important as the visual setting is the presence of soothing sounds after the dinner plates have been cleared and its just you, your friends and a bottle of bubbly. Mellow music can achieve this - but don't underestimate the power of chic accessories with soothing sounds. A water fountain or a wind mobile are good examples of this.
  • For more intimate terrace dining you could do a little DIY and put up your very own canopy to shelter the dining area (it will help to keep pesky bugs away too!). There are many ways to achieve this such as building a metal or wooden frame where you can attach sheer white tab top voile curtains onto wooden curtain poles with curtain pole brackets. This small project is inexpensive but gives the impression of luxury and an impressive style.

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