Top interior design tips for august - sultry summer nights

It is officially summertime and the British Isles has already had some hot days and sultry nights (let's temporarily forget the rainstorms that always follow!) The sun can be enjoyed during the daytime - especially when there is free time to lounge about in the park or at the beach.

Then night-time comes and the heat that has been absorbed throughout the day is making it incredibly difficult to get off to sleep. Tossing and turning, grouchily throwing off the covers and wishing you had been more prepared for this humidity. What to do? Read our tips for staying cool and getting a good night's rest!

  • Air conditioning systems, dehumidifiers or fans will all do the job of cooling down the temperature of your bedroom. All of them have their good points with the average fan being the budget-friendly choice. Usually a ceiling fan or floor fan are good enough to deal with hot summer nights.
  • Before you leave the house in the morning, check that you have closed the windows and drawn curtains or blinds to stop as much heat being absorbed into the room as possible. Once the sun starts to go down or a little while before you intend to go to bed - open everything up again to allow the cooler night air circulate. If you have chosen to use a fan, a good placement would be in front of the window to help move the cool air around the room. Better still, when it is a really warm evening use a shallow bowel of ice cold water in front of the fan.
  • Dark curtains, ready made  blinds or black out curtains will block out the most light when you can't get into a good sleeping routine. This will be a good idea for those who go to bed early and when the sun has not fully set.
  • When choosing duvet covers bedding for summer, it is best to buy those that are lightweight and cool. Duvets are measured and labelled with a number followed by the word tog - which for those who don't know is simply a measurement for thermal resistance. The lower the tog, the cooler it will keep you on hot summer nights - a 4.5tog being the optimum choice. The duvet filling is another important consideration when you need to fight back at humidity. Natural materials draw the moisture away from the body and allow the skin to breathe. Silk is the most breathable fabric but cotton will be easier on the pocket. Perhaps you can compromise with silk pillows and the rest of the bedding in cotton?

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