Top interior design tips for august - making the most of warm evenings

Hands up those who prefer a warm evening relaxing at home as opposed to those chilly winter nights? I will be the first to raise my hand! Summer is short on the motherland - so we need to make the most of while its still here! You know that when the winter months creep up, most of us will wish we had done more summer inspired decorating when we had the chance. Want to know more about summer style decorating? We have some lovely little tips to share with you - it won't be long until you have your feet up in your new environment and a few fruity cocktails to enjoy with friends...
  • Our first idea would work a lot better if you are lucky enough to have bay windows. If you don't - it can still be achieved! For warm summer evenings indoors - the next best thing is being and sitting around the window. Even if it is just an arrangement for the summer months, think about moving your living room seating to be nearer the window (facing or semi-facing is good). For those lucky enough to have a bay window - a permanent window seat would be a great idea and you can jazz it up for summer with some fresh colours - bright yellow or turquoise cushions will be fresh and right on trend.
  • Summer sunsets are beautiful and watching the sun go down through the window is a treasured moment. Switch out lights or use dimmers to create a more romantic atmosphere. Better still is to use a variety of candles in chic candle holders for a soft and complimenting light source.
  • More on sunsets - those colours of red, pink and orange remind me of Asian-inspired décor. You can make the most of summer evenings by experimenting with some warm colour palettes. Using white on walls and in accents around the room will offer some balance to the addition of warm colours. Achieve this the easy way by buying a new cushions and throws for the sofa, a shallow bowel on the coffee table with pink petals or floating candles and for a more laid-back feel - some comfy floor cushions.
  • Show your love of summer with some new ready made curtains! You can go one of two ways - pure white or bright colours. An exotic pattern on curtains such as palm leaves, bright blooms or a paisley print would make for a wonderful focal point in the living or dining room. For those who prefer white - make sure your choice of curtain is sheer like voile curtains ready made. When they gently move with the evenings breeze, the effect is so dreamy and soothing - just perfect for warm summer evenings.

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