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Top interior design tips for august - helping children get to sleep

As we all know - getting to sleep is only possible when we are in a relaxed state of mind. This applies for children too and the hot days and longer sunlight hours makes it all the more difficult for them to get to sleep and not to be disturbed. Of course - there has to be some means of getting over these summer hurdles with decorating ideas to stay cool and relaxed. We have some of those tips to share with you now in our feature on interior design tips for August. We all want our little darlings to have a good night's rest so that they are full of energy and cheer for the summer's activities.
  • Add a desk fan, ceiling or floor fan to their bedroom and keep the windows open a little to let cool air circulate. You might want to put a safety lock on windows so they don't open to their full extent. The other good thing about fans is that they create a reoccurring and non-distracting sound when on a low setting - this can help to induce sleep in children.
  • Another easy and inexpensive trick to decorating a child's bedroom for summer is a change of colour. Blues, greens and sherbet colours are the way forward - but not intense varieties. Cooler blues and greens relax the mind and have a good effect on our moods. Try changing the duvet covers bedding or ready made curtains to one of these colours to help your little ones relax and get to sleep.
  • Other than the fan, turn off all other electrical items such as lights and game consoles which will give off extra heat when switched on or plugged in. If your child feels uncomfortable without some light then try leaving the landing lights on and opening the door a little.
  • There is a scientific reason for this (although we will just concentrate on interior design for now) - longer daylight hours disturbs our sleeping patterns. We struggle to get to sleep in the evening when it is still light outside and tend to wake earlier too. This makes children tired and in a bad mood. Children's curtains with blackout lining are one of the best ways to stop the light coming through at all the wrong times!

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