Top interior design tips for august 1- keeping cool

August is the last official month of summer before we move into September - with lots of showers and cooler nights. We will be taking a look at how you can use the last of the summer sun to your advantage. Interior design and decorating go through seasonal changes due to the weather conditions outside.

Everything lightens up in the summer from colours to textiles and even moods. Those of you who have a garden or terrace can eat alfresco and invite guests for outdoor dining. Not everything about summer and interior design is thumbs up though - restless nights and sun damage come to mind.

So to introduce our new topic, we have some great interior design tips on keeping cool at home. Being British, we are not naturally good with high temperatures that can come out of the blue - we easily become tired, frustrated and look to walk on the shady side of the road.

We love it when we can enjoy the beach or sit around a pool - but this isn't always an option. That is why we need to address our homes to see what we can do to stay cool when it all becomes too much! Think of light, breezy interior design tips and find them right here.

  • Air conditioning is expensive and calls for closed windows, which in turn can lead to minor ills in some people. A fan is cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and can be moved from space to space. Not to mention there are some really cutting edge designs right now. There are various types of fans that exist - desk fans, ceiling fans, standing fans and even those for windows.
  • Electrical appliances give off extra heat that we could really do without. On really hot days it would be a good idea to use as little electricity as possible. It might also be a good idea to ban the oven until things cool down a little.
  • Change your window treatments to keep cool indoors. Use ready made blackout curtains which will help prevent the room from absorbing the suns heat or buy white blinds and leave them pulled down to reflect the rays away from the window. If you want to keep the curtains closed during the day, sheer fabrics in white such as voile curtains ready made will still allow for the breeze to creep through when closed.
  • For bedding you should use cotton or linen sheets. They are commonly know as the coolest option for sleeping at night and they allow your skin and bed to breathe and remain fresh. A cotton patchwork duvet cover will also help to keep you cool when covering is a must. The patchwork design works really well with this summer's folk trend too!

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