Top 25 Interior Design Blog Countdown: No. 5

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
This week we begin the countdown to our favourite interior design blog. Today we highlight number 5. Decorology: The author, Ashley White, makes her blog informal and retains a friendly blog-style writing by airing her own views with the simplest (in the kindest sense of the word) of comments, leaving the reader to delve further and make their own conclusions. Plenty of images, often associated with vacations and personal trips around the world makes Decorology the ideal way to keep-up with global design views, along with a peek inside homes of all styles and interior design styles. Packed full of large, clear photographs and images its easy to find interior design inspiration from Decorology. To help readers locate associated posts the 'you may also like:' at the end of each post enables you to jump in and out of specific areas and topics with ease. Decorology doesn't just focus on complete rooms, there are plenty of informative posts related to soft furnishings for your home, with Ashley prompting her followers to engage in reader participation by asking for their views and comments. The 'give-a-ways' are another aspect which makes this blog so pleasurable and popular. From wall-art to wallpaper, the Eiffel Tower to Marrakesh, the unusual to practical, there's plenty of fabulous interior design ideas to grab your attention and inspire you to step out of your comfort zone with relative ease. Anyone who likes to make their house a home by adding soft furnishings and accessories, bought or hand-made, will thoroughly enjoy spending time browsing this blog. With an up to-date blog layout, along with all the availability to join social networking sites, Twitter, Facebook etc. Decorology is engaging without being too intense. Note; Decorology isn't solely about interior design, fashion is also included should you feel the need to take a swift break and feast your eyes of the latest fashion trends and in particular some gorgeous jewellery!

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