Embellishing your bed space and finishing it off with the odd pillow here and there for a decorative touch can really add class and feel to the room. However once bedtime comes around you’re now left with the task of getting into bed whilst also finding your collection of pillows a home for the night.     As easy as it is to leave them on the floor this way they can collect dust and dirt, so if you find you’re stuck with too many pillows and few places to store them here’s eight bed pillow storages solutions that may just come in handy. 1. Under bed storage: Out of sight out of mind this is one great advantage to having under bed storage , whether you have a bed featuring pull out draws or one with a bed base that simply lifts upwards. You can place any pillows you don't need underneath with ease and pull them out the next day. 2. Linen box :  Many people often have a linen box or trunk placed at the bottom of their bed or somewhere in the home to store  any unused bedding, extra linen sheets and more. So if there's any extra space going spare in yours, make use of it by popping in a few of your extra pillows here and there before heading for bed.   3. Seating area:  If you happen to have a decorative chair, sofa or window seat in your bedroom then why not use the pillows you have that embellished your bed during the day to decorate your bedroom seating at night. You can easily scatter them and arrange them as you’d like and then put them back in place on your bed the following day. 4. Wardrobe: You might not find Narnia in that endless wardrobe of yours; however it may come in handy for your pillow storage dilemma. Different makes of wardrobe sometimes include extra shelving located at the very top for your own preferred storage uses. If this space is going spare in your wardrobe you could easily place a number of your extra pillows there which will keep them clean and your room clutter free. 5. Bedroom closet:  Much like a wardrobe bedroom closets are another great storage location where you could hide your bedtime pillow stash. No doubt it has built in shelving of its own where you can prop a number of pillows out of the way. 6. Vacuum storage: This is more of a long term solution to your pillow problem and ideal for those of you who simply don’t want to throw away a perfectly good pillow you’ve invested in. Simply by using vacuum storage bags you can place your unwanted pillow in and using a vacuum place the nozzle over the bag cap to remove all the air before resealing. Once the caps screwed on tight and sealed your pillow should be compressed and much easier to store.