To create a luxury dining room you should have….

Creating a luxury dining room isn't that difficult if you include these hints and tips. A big table! Yes, size does matter when it comes to luxury; after all you want to show off your wealth and a tiny table won't unless it's studded with real gems or made from a precious metal! Luxury dining room with tasselled chandelier and blue geometric chairs


Comfortable chairs go hand-in-hand with a big table. Not only do you need to have plenty of seating, you need chairs that match! Mismatched furniture looks fabulous in some settings, but is very rarely seen in luxury ones. Hamptons inspired luxury dining-room

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Plenty of elbow room goes without saying and, if you have a big table, there shouldn't be a problem. Try and avoid having too many chairs otherwise you won't be giving enough elbow room, sometimes compromises are necessary. Classic luxury dining room, with lots of wood, beige, cream and gold

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Impressive lighting will not only give you plenty of light to show off your room, it will only make a statement. Go for big and bold, making sure that the lighting compliments the style of your décor.

A table centre piece will show off your immaculate good taste. Few luxury dining rooms have a 'naked' table. Expensive fresh flowers or unique and unusual displays will look fabulous if chosen correctly. White and lilac dining too with pretty butterfly-esque gold lamp shades

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Place your table and chairs on a rug to give comfort under foot, colour and texture to the room, as well as helping to protect your flooring. Ensure that it is the correct size, too small and the chairs will 'slip-off' when pulled out, too large and you'll lose the visual effect. Orange and peach dining room with large floor to ceiling windows and veranda doors

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Beautiful window dressings are essential if you want a luxury look. Full length are perfect, as they add a sense of opulence and refinement. Luzury dining room in beige, silver and gold


A feature wall will draw the eye and make an impact the minute you walk into the room, so make sure it is impressive! White and grey dining room with yellow padded feature wall and matching yellow and blue dining chairs

Room Decor Ideas

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