'tis the season to show off your amazing christmas lights

Love them or loathe them there's no getting away from the fact that having extravagant Christmas lighting on the outside of your house is gathering momentum to the extent that some streets even have competitions – or is it just one-upmanship?

This phenomenon isn't just in the UK – you'll find it all around the world; of course it's a big thing in the USA! There's something quite magical to this house's lighting display; having all one colour takes away the tackiness that many others display. But of course the end result is all in the eye of the beholder.

Covering the entire outside of your house with blocks of colour is one way to create an amazing display.

Use your shrubs and bushes to add contour and height to an outdoor display that resembles an enchanted forest in miniature.

A house absolutely covered in Christmas lights

the vanilla fox

The electricity bill must be astronomical with the amount of lights being used on this house!

A house decorated as a gingerbread house for Christmas

Christian Photos

If you love gingerbread you'll adore the stunning gingerbread theme on this house.

How stylish is this green and white lighting display – I wonder how the inside of the house is decorated?

Give your home a contemporary look using strings of coloured lights to create an amazing pattern on the roof.

An enchanted Christmas castle – well if you've got it you may as well flaunt it!

A house tastefully covered in white Christmas lights

Flooring hunter

This amazing display in Boston (USA) uses a staggering 250,000 lights.

Complete with HD TV this display pulsates to the music being played – a real spectacular for the neighbours.

For many the traditional Christmas scene is an amazing way to show off your electrical skills.

450,000 lights are used in this amazing display in Germany, which has been on-going since 2000. A house covered in lots of bright white decorative lights for Christmas


In Wiltshire, England, this amazing light display raises money for charity. Lots of plastic snowmen stood in a front garden


Show your passion for snowmen by dotting them around your front lawn and lighting them up! Christmas lighting don't have to be overly flashy to be amazing. Sometimes less is definitely more if you want your outdoor Christmas lights to reflect the style of your home.

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