Tips to using pattern in your bedroom – stripes

Striped curtain fabric has been used in interior design for centuries. The Regency era is renowned for its use of stripes on walls and fabrics. The stripes during this period weren't solely vertical coloured bands, more often than not one of the stripes hosted a floral pattern which brought interest and style into a room. Today stripes remain a firm favourite and many interior design styles use them to create stunning interiors – coastal blue and white stripes springs to mind along with Art Deco and Hollywood Glamour.

The use of vertical stripes has long been used to make walls and window appear taller, while the clever use of horizontal stripes mean you can make rooms appear wide than in reality. Today you also have a choice of regimental straight lines or a more modern approach of having stripes with a wavy edge which makes them easy on the eye. Those who are adept at the art of illusion can also use stripes to make hallways seem endless with a focal point placed at the end to give the eye something to focus on.

You could create the same illusion by using large rugs with a vertical stripe which will guide the eye to the end of a long, thin hallway. Of course it's not only walls and floors in bedrooms that can have stripes – furniture, bedding, window dressings and soft furnishing can all have vertical or horizontal stripes, as well as a mixture of both. As with any pattern you also have the choice of going bold by using dark colours alternated with bright white or a contrasting paler hue to make a real impact on a room.

Alternatively you could go the pastel route with pretty lavenders, pale blues or yellow alternated with ivory or soft cream. The choices are as endless, as are the finished results. You do need to err on the side of caution when introducing stripes into your bedroom, too many and you'll end up with a head ache as the eye has trouble focusing, so always make sure you have a focal point on which the eye can rest and re-focus.

It may be worth having a look around your bedroom as you'll be surprised just how often stripes are used; for example if you have wooden blinds then you already have a form of horizontal stripes in the room; the same applies if you have vertical blinds – already having a starting point you can use these as a means of bringing stripes into your bedroom which compliment duvet sets and bedding.

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