Tips to using pattern in your bedroom – small & dainty

When using patterns they don't have to be big and bold, small and dainty patterns are ideal for bedrooms, especially if they have a white or cream background. The repeat pattern can become a little fuzzy when you're tired, so try and look for patterns which have plenty of space between the motifs which allow the background colour to show through quite prominently.

As we've see if you prefer plain walls then you can use small and dainty patterns on bedding, duvet covers and window dressings. Many of the new design steer well away from florals so, unless you want a Shabby Chic look or one which nods towards femininity it's wise to choose narrow stripes, small spots or geometrics such as hexagons or pentagons.

You could also use a small and dainty pattern for headboards or even framing photographs and pictures. Those of you who love handicrafts can cover tissue boxes or be more adventurous and make an on-trend bedroom screen using either patterned wallpaper or curtain fabric. Patterns can also be introduced on plain bedding by way of boudoir styled cushions or bed-runners.

Think about texture as well as pattern, soft-touch fabrics are always welcome in bedrooms and will help you to rest, relax and de-stress – I'm not saying you should lie or sit stroking a velvet cushion every night but I'm sure you know what I mean! If you want to add a touch of romance to your bedroom small red or pink heart motifs set against a white or cream background should have the desired affect. Heart patterns can be used as the theme for your bedding or for your curtains and/or wall art.

Small and dainty patterns lend themselves beautifully to small rooms as they're usually not too overpowering or overwhelming. Think along the lines of less is more and gradually introduce more pattern until you feel comfortable. Make a feature wall using small patterns and then select your accent colours from those within the pattern so that you have unity and harmony in your bedroom décor.

Patterns are notorious for playing against each other, so unless you're adept at making a connection between two or more patterns it's best to stick with one to start with. If the pattern appeals and grows on you, you can then introduce more in tiny drops – just remember to stop otherwise the bedroom will become very confusing and appear visually cluttered.

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