Tips to using pattern in your bedroom – polka dots

Seeing spots before your eyes which are deliberate rather than a result of a night on the town can have a mesmerising effect on the style of your bedroom. Polka dots are back on-trend in a big way this season, they're being used for wallpapers and fabrics either as a modern up-date on a retro theme or in their own right with fresh new colour combos.

Due to the spacing on a repeat pattern polka dots can have an almost 3D type of look, which when used in bedrooms can add character and depth – however over do them and you may find that they blur into one (especially after a long day or a glass or two!). Spotty duvet covers and bedding can be bright and bold or soft and gentle when pastel colour combinations are used. Of course spots and dots are often used for space fillers on other patterns, so if you like a few but not too many a mixed polka dot and floral pattern may be the way to best choice for you.

Spots or dots are a great way to bring pattern into a child's room as they're not gender specific like many other patterns. Bedding, childrens curtains and even large rugs with huge spots can turn a child's bedroom into a place which is fun and colourful, as well as comfortable. Use multi-coloured spots and they'll begin to learn the names of colours while playing or resting in their rooms. It's surprising how children's curtains and bedding can be a source of conversation for parents and children, so it's worth choosing patterns which will help them learn without really thinking about it and give you a great conversation opener! In master bedrooms polka dots can also be used to create a modern and trendy look which isn't overly fussy or complicated.

A mix of midnight blue background with white, cream or metallic coloured spots creates a refined and elegant look to polka dots. Think along the lines of the fashion houses of Channel and Dior to get the picture of just how sophisticated polka dots can look when used in the right proportions in a bedroom – the 'less is more' rule may come into play especially in small bedrooms, but when you get the balance right polka dots are a fabulous way to bring pattern into a bedroom.

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