Tips to using pattern in your bedroom – keep it simple

Patterns don't have to be large, bold or brash – simple repeat patterns are ideal for bring character and colour to a bedroom. There are also 3 basic ways to add pattern, firstly with your bedding, secondly on your walls and thirdly on the floor. You have one or a mixture of these three basics areas on which to focus, depending on how much or how little pattern you wish to use.

You should also remember that pale background colours can make a bedroom feel light and airy, while the darker backgrounds can be used to create a stunning focal wall or bring attention to your bed. Today there are literally hundreds of different patterned duvet sets to choose from. Some have a repeat pattern all over, other subtle patterning on the top edges, while others have a pattern which appears to be dropping over the side of the bed.

Each brings its own attributes and enables you to choose a pattern design and colour to match your colour scheme and interior design style. Patterned wallpaper has made a resurgence over the last few years and while you can still wallpaper all four walls the trend to make a feature wall with pattern and keeping the remaining three walls plain continues to be the most favoured way of using patterns on bedroom walls.

Within the remit of walls are of course your windows – which means you can also have patterned curtains or blinds either as a stand-alone feature or to use to compliment bedding or flooring. Using large rugs with a simple pattern is another fabulous way to introduce a different look and feel into a bedroom. Again you can help ground your colour scheme by using colours which compliment your bedding, walls and window dressings.

If you have a patterned carpet which you wish to disguise large area rugs are an easy way to mask out-dated pattern and colours – this is especially helpful if you live in rented accommodation and are unable to remove the fitted carpet in its entirety. By keeping the pattern simple you'll be able to transform your bedroom with very little effort and cost. Bringing pattern into your bedroom is an easy way to bring a new look and alter the dynamics of the room – just remember the 'less is more' rule, as too many conflicting patterns can make a bedroom overly fussy and will do little to help you rest and drift of to sleep.

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