Tips to using pattern in your bedroom – florals

Whether you want Chintz or vintage for a country cottage or Shabby Chic styled interior, roses for a formal manor style, a traditional repeat pattern, abstract blooms or the latest pixelated images of flowers and foliage, there's a floral pattern to suit any kind of home and interior design style. Let's start with Chintz and vintage as their popularity is gathering momentum at a considerable speed.

Typically these styles have a repeat pattern for wallpaper and curtain fabric namely of smallish roses, buds, and other delicate flowers that wend their way up the paper or fabric. There are some fabulous patterns available and can be used to co-ordinate bedding and duvet covers to result in a pretty interior which nods gently towards your feminine side. Within the remit of Shabby Chic and country cottage comes patchwork – as their association with handicrafts suits this living style beautifully.

Today's modern homes may not have the time to sit and painstakingly make a patchwork duvet cover or blanket, but you can always use pre-printed to get the look without the work! Roses per-say are usually seen in some form in country manor interiors; used on wallpaper fabrics and even framed art work from the 'masters'. As the rose is quintessentially English it shows patriotism and style when used within interior design. Full-length curtains, cushions and bedding can all have a rose design to complement plain or patterned walls.

Abstract blooms are ideal for modern and contemporary interiors and while large single bloom patterns are on the decline, large daisy like flowers in retro colour-ways are once again making a come back for soft furnishings and window dressings. Pixelated imagery is perfect for those who love a futuristic look and are into a high-tech look in their homes. Once again this type of pattern can be used to add interest to walls, rugs and duvet covers.

It has to be said that unless you have a real hang-up about using floral patterns in your bedroom there are styles and designs to suit everyone's taste. One of the greatest advantages of using floral patterns in bedrooms is that for the most part they are gentle on the eye and incredibly restful and relaxing to look at, making the bedroom the ideal place to include them.

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