Tips to using pattern in your bedroom – be bold

In stark contrast to yesterday's post today we're taking a look at using bold patterns which really make a statement in your bedroom. You do have to be a little brave, but if you're fed-up with the same old style then this is the ideal opportunity to make a difference. Starting with the walls, a feature wall with a bold pattern could be just what your bedroom lacks.

If you have a moderate or small room then a feature wall is ideal as it will bring pattern into play without it being too overpowering. The wall behind your headboard is a great place to start, just as long as it doesn't conflict with the headboard itself. Your bedding is another place where a bold pattern can successfully be used and if you bed is the focal point in the room will enhance this aspect further by immediately drawing the eye towards the bed as you (or anyone else) steps into the room.

Duvet sets with bold patterns abound and you'll also have a choice of colours to compliment your existing colour scheme if you don't feel like a complete bedroom makeover. Once again you can use your floor, by way of large rugs, to bring a bold pattern into the room. Geometric designs are hot this season so large rugs will provide an on-trend up-date and bring soft comfort underfoot. Fancy something different? - why not make your own bed canopy of faux four-poster styled bed or statement headboard.

Any one of these ideas can be completed in a week-end if you're a dab hand with a screwdriver and have a creative nature. For the canopy and the faux four poster you could use curtain poles as the means to hand and suspend curtains or lightweight voile panels. Take a look at interior design ideas online and you'll see just how effective these three do-it-yourself ideas can be.

If you prefer plain walls then you have the option of making the headboard itself the centre of attention. Bold patterns work extremely well on statements headboards and are easy to undertake yourself – just choose a patterned fabric and use a staple gun to hold the fabric in place. Furthermore, if you buy curtain fabric or voile online the projects will work out far more cost-effective as well as giving yourself a bespoke bedroom design.

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