Tips to using metallics in the home office

Nothing says sleek and professional more than the use of metallic tones in an office. Even if you never have other people in your office, making it look professional is important. It sets the tone for the office and can often drive you to complete tasks or produce quality work. You don't have to be in a business to appreciate that fact. Even if you only use the office to create your budget, track your expenses or do your taxes, you'll find it's easier when you feel more businesslike.

Old school elegance never goes out of style when it comes to any room in the house. You'll find that a combination of a rich deep toned leather furniture, mixed with dark wood or black lacquer furniture and accented with gold metallic, is one of the most elegant and always popular styles for a home office. Consider using gold curtain poles or gold voile panels as accents. Silver is an easy pick when it comes to decorating an office.

It offers a clean professional look and can dress up any décor. Mix it with wood tones and white with a touch of black for a dramatic modern office appearance or use soothing royal blue and wood tones to partner the silver if you use the office for more demanding work. You'll also find that it's easy to blend silver in the room when you use it for desk accessories or lighting. Silver fabric on the cushions of furniture or silver coloured large rugs can also enhance a white room filled with wood trim.

Don't discount bronze when it comes to creating the right tone for a home office. Bronze metallic paint or wall covering can add just the touch of elegance and design to a home office. You can keep the room simple by painting wall shelves with bronze and covering the wall with bronze wallpaper or paint, allowing the contents of the shelves to bring an element of contrast.

Using a rich deep bronze desk and matching it with a large area rug in bronze or large piece of artwork that's primarily bronze can also create drama without creating a distraction. People often underutilized copper when it comes to a home office. You can create an accent area on the wall by using metallic copper wall covering or tiles and bring the area together with sheer voile offering a damask copper design for the windows with pale copper toned wall in the rest of the room. Copper accessories can brighten a white and black room, too. Don't forget, you can also mix and match metallics in a room for an interesting and elegant appearance.

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