A great way to feel warm this winter is to have a quick change of colour and add extra layers of insulation within your home. This doesn't mean you have to completely re-decorate your entire house or wrap yourself in swathes of blankets!

Colours fall into different groups, some of which are refer to as hot, whilst others are referred to as cold; the shades in between fall to either side of the parameters depending on which hues they display the most.

Simply put shades such as red, orange or purple are known as hot colours, using these within your home will provide you with the sensation of being hot! Middle tones such as yellow also denote warmth, whilst most blues are known as a cold colours, hence they can make you feel cold even in a warm room!

The easiest way to bring warmth to a room at an affordable cost is to have curtains, cushions, throws and rugs in warm colours. Opting for bright variations of these colours will also add a sense of vibrancy rather than dull and dreary!

Other ways is to keep warm and save on your fuel bills is to have layers of fabrics and materials at your windows. Despite double glazing a high percentage of heat loss occurs via window. Add extra layers to help preserve the heat inside your rooms.

Having fabric Roman blinds used in conjunction with ready made curtains, which are fully lined will give you a triple layer of insulation at your windows, have the blind lined as well and you reduce the heat loss even further!

Having ready made curtain which are full length can also reduce heat loss, however, as many homes have a radiator beneath their windows covering them up only warms the curtains and not the room! Therefore choose your window dressings carefully to maximise the amount of savings you can make.

Make sure you also have curtains which actually fit your windows correctly! Scrimping on the amount of fabric you use will not be a particularly efficient way of saving money. If you are unsure of the amount of fabric you need if you are making your own curtains, it would be wise to ask for expert advice from fabric retailers.

Ready made curtains are typically bought with the correct fabric allowance, which will vary depending on the style of heading you choose. Standard pencil pleats provide ample fabric to help you insulate your home effectively