One of this years biggest interior design trends is to use metallics. For those dread the thought of styling their homes with gold or antiqued brass should opt for the metallics which are more subdued such as silver, pewter and steel greys.

These soft metallic tones do not have to look gaudy and over the top! Far from it in fact they are the ideal shades and colours to use to create beautiful interiors which suit modern and contemporary designs styles impeccably.

Using steel or silver with black or white offers a modern looks which is both chic and elegance which is suitable for all genders. Historically teenage boy's bedroom have been blue or green and yet some dramatic looks can be achieved, without having to spend a fortune on designer labels, by using cheap bedding.

Mirrored surfaces work well with metallic colour scheme, giving a sense of depth and intrigue to a young man's rooms. The ideal solution to the old situation of having dishevelled rooms full of discarded clothing and chaos is to provide them with a space they can identify with! Minimalism is the ideal theme as it will instantly give a stylish look which with any luck they will want to keep that way!

If metallics doesn't appeal opt for chocolate brown as this trendy colour can be tweaked effortlessly to keep it right up to date. Steer well away from anything which is remotely feminine during the younger teen years unless it is specifically requested. Young men need to have the space to find their own identity and the very last thing they want is to have a bedroom style which they detest and cannot relate to such as an outdated kid's bedding set or alphabet wall paper!

Letting them chose the colour scheme, duvet sets and window dressing for their own space is essential. Leather Venetian blinds add a trendy touch which does way with the hastily, if ever, drawn curtains! Combine this with an in-trend bed with a leather headboard and the 'battle' will be half won!

Creating stunning bedrooms for young men can be fun and inexpensive. Remembering that it is their own space and letting them live in an untidy mess is fine, but only up to a certain point! It is wise to also appreciate that they will need privacy, as such ask them to respect your privacy and you will in turn respect theirs!

Not letting the teen age years become a constant battle ground can be difficult, however give a young person some responsibility and letting them make their own decisions as to the décor, duvet sets, flooring and window dressings and with a little bit of luck the years will fly by all too quickly!

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