Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street! This children's TV programme remains as popular today as ever before. Having stood the test of time children's TV characters are one of the most popular ways to provide children's bedrooms with a modern theme which encourage kid's into their beds!

Kid's bedding is available depicting numerous different TV characters, super hero's and what some may class as stereotypical images and colours befitting the two genders! For many cheap bedding in a primary or pastel shade is more appropriate, more especially during the 'staying dry all night stage'!

Whether you opt for a TV favourite or prefer to be neutral is of course a matter of personal taste of both the parents and their children. If you battle to get your toddlers into bed, (and more importantly stay there all night!), it may be wise to opt for a favourite and known TV character to help you win the bedtime battle!

Cheap bedding or bedding designed specifically for kid's need to be both practical and affordable. Many will say there is little point spending a fortune on a particular character as children are fickle and what is a favourite one day may well be loathed the next!

This is where cheap bedding is a real advantage. Not only are you able to change your child's bedroom décor instantly it can actually be more cost effective to replace bedding to keep up with the latest fads and crazes!

Affordable bedding is easy to find both on the high street and online fabric suppliers. Many online stores offer fabulous discounted prices which is another cost effective way of keeping up with the latest children's trends!

If you opt for plain coloured kid's bedding changing the overall appearance of the room is easy and an economical solution to keeping your child happy! As your child grows you can change the curtains and include soft toys or stylish boudoir style scatter cushions so that the room evolves and grows with your child, rather than your child growing out of the décor!

Princess style bedroom themes remain very popular with girls of all ages which makes life a little easier in terms of selecting appropriate kid's bedding. Whilst boys may prefer camouflage duvet sets so they can simply hide away whenever they want to!

Whichever style of kid's bedding you choose it makes logical sense to have a style and a theme which suits your child and your budget!

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