Tips for using metallics in the living room

It's hard to resist the new metallic material and accents, particularly when you're decorating the living room. While there are the traditional colours of gold, silver, bronze and copper, you'll also find a rainbow of metallic colours such as shimmering lavender and sparkling blue. On a dreary overcast day, the sparkle the metallic fabrics and accents add to your room can brighten your day and add a little cheer. It also can make any decorating scheme come to life and create a dazzling look you'll be proud to display.

Silver can cool a room or create a cooling effect on warm decorating colours. Combine the silver with pale blue and white and you have simple elegance with a cooling effect. Mix it with reds, white and black and you'll see a delightful combination you can adjust to warmer or cooler by adding more silver or red. Use silver curtains in a white and grey room and you'll have the perfect look for those who love a modern appearance for their room.

Gold has always held a place of honour in both the world of decorating and clothing. In fact, the Sumptuary Laws made it illegal for anyone but a certain elite group to wear gold clothing. It symbolizes riches, luxury and in some cultures, good health. Whether you want a Victorian look or one that's ultra modern for your living room, gold can help you achieve it. Gold voile panels or voile curtains can add to any living room without overwhelming the room. They'll shimmer when the sun comes through the window, but also in the evening when your artificial lights are in use.

You can blend gold with many different colours, but it looks particularly stunning with reds, cream tones, blue or brown. Bronze and copper are often overlooked metallic colours but are extremely versatile and fit well in many different living room décors. Damask copper metallic wall covering can add richness and yet be very subtle as it does it. You'll love it when you combine it with accent pillows created from copper metallic fabric and it dresses up room looking particularly stunning when used with creamy white tones. Bronze comes in a variety of shades from deep rich coloration to a pale bronze. It adds boldness to a room or may highlight other colours. You'll love some of the new bronze leather dining room furniture that mixes elegantly with browns, tan and red.

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