Tips for using metallics in a teen room

Using metallics in a teen room can give a look you'll love and be your teens dream room at the same time. It's hard to find any common ground with a teen, particularly when it comes to decorating their room, but often you'll receive a resounding 'YES!' when you suggest a theme using metallic tones for the room or accessories. With the huge selection of colours from which to choose, it won't be difficult to find something your teen will love.

However, you'll find using the traditional metallic tones, such as silver, gold, bronze or copper; can also create a stunning appearance that has the teen stamp of approval. If your teen loves to peek into the life of the rich and famous or uses the theme song, 'Hooray for Hollywood,' you'll find it easy to please them with a sophisticated, chic design mimicking a five star Hollywood hotel.

Create the air of elegance with gold painted furniture, mixed with tan, white, wood tones and a touch of rose or sky blue. Don't forget to have monogrammed pillows or find a tan or white duvet set that smacks with elegance. You can also create a fantastic bed accent by using gold damask wall covering of an intricate shape on white walls and outlining it with wood trim.

For an extra touch, paint the trim with gold metallic paint. Some teens don't want a fussy, opulent room, but love a chic, ultra modern look. Silver is your best friend in this case. White and black go well with silver and can create a stunning modern look for any bedroom. To add a touch of colour, use accent pillows. Silver voile panels can set the tone for this modern look that is both dramatic without having a dominant male or female appearance.

For those male teens, consider a combination of royal blue and silver accents for the room. Bronze and copper also have a prominent place in creating an exciting look for a teen. Whether you decide to use renaissance, traditional, modern or anywhere in between, using bronze or copper metallics can create a stunning look when used as a focal point or accent. Consider white and rich bronze bedding accented with turquoise or sky blue. Alternatively copper curtain poles with matching copper duvet sets can accent a white and blue or peach room that works with many décors from modern to Mediterranean.

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