Timeless interior design themes 7: gothic

If you want to create an authentic looking Gothic inspired home you'll have to go back to the 12th century, where this stunning interior style has its roots. Be careful, if you don't get the look right it can turn out to be an oppressive and depressing interior rather than one which is relaxing and rich will architectural and interior design features.


Arched windows and doors are two of the key elements of this style. Colour: Although the vast majority of us image Gothic interiors to be primarily black, you can also include rich ruby reds, plum (other of this season's on-trend colours), emerald greens, deep sapphire blues and even touches of gold to create a beautifully designed interior.


Gothic lighting is all about creating the right mood and look, and despite this style being wrapped in mystery and impressions of dark and dingy rooms springing to mind, lighting using wrought iron or gold work well. Trim table lamp shades with gold tassels or beads in jewel tones. You should also included candles, where safe, and use mood lighting with dimmer switches and natural light from lit fireplaces.


Gothic design uses a rich mixture of fabrics for soft furnishings. Look for curtain fabrics online with deep rich colours in velvet, chenille, organza and even silk. Try and use complimentary fabrics , for example, team velvet with silk and chenille with organza to create a variety of tactile fabrics which are sumptuous.

Architectural details

Be inspired by Gothic churches and use high vaulted ceilings if you possibly can. Tall arched windows are a must along with stained glass windows.

Window dressings

Full length blackout curtains which are purposely too long for the window will pool and spill onto the floor to creating a feature of your windows. Use heavyweight fabrics, such as velvet or crushed velvet and use gold tasselled tie-back to hold them open from the centre and to coordinate with other soft furnishings. Window blinds can also be used for a more modern Gothic look.

Gothic interior design style tips

Include romantic touches to take off and smooth any rough and harsh edges this interior design style can often be overloaded with. For example, decorate your stone fireplace with touches of gold, silver and wood for photo frames, candle sticks and vases. Add a floral element by including fresh flowers in living rooms and dining rooms and make use of mirrors to reflect light from candles to create a warm and soft look.

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