Inevitably there will come a time when it’s out for the old mattress and in with a new replacement. Though that trusty mattress will have served you well over the years, replacing it will give you renewed comfort and support as you sleep. However you might be wondering what you are to do with your old mattress when the time for a new one arrives. So here is a guide to recycling your mattress with ease.    
  • Take it to a local recycling centre: Across the UK there are a variety of local recycling centres that enable you to drop off old mattresses for easy recycling. Many of the materials are reprocessed for future use in new products promoting a greener recycling solution as opposed to simply throwing your mattress away.
  • Contact your local bed specialist: Most bed’s specialist stores now offer a mattress removal service, offering to remove and recycle your mattress for a fee. Not only is this fuss free and ideal if you don’t have a car big enough but also solves the problem of recycling your mattress. They reprocess at least 90% of the mattress into reusable materials to promote the recycling process.
  • Donate your mattress: If you’re investing in a new mattress, however your old one still has some life left in it why not donate it to a good cause? Donating your mattress can help those in need, so get in touch with local charities to enquire as to whether they accept mattress donations. If so simply give it a quick clean, removing any unwanted marks freshening it up ready for collection.
  • Sell your mattress:  Have you invested money in a mattress to find it just not right for you? Especially if your mattress is still in good quality condition but just doesn’t give you the support you need then selling it to someone who it would suit maybe an idea. It’s easy to make a bed buying mistake or to find along the way your mattress just isn’t good for you anymore. So finding it a new home for it is another way to recycle your mattress purchase and give you much needed extra funding towards a new one.
  • Recycle your mattress materials for an upcoming project:  If you’re quite the crafter and like a fabric project you can remove the buttons and braiding of your old mattress for any crafty uses.
  • Use it for an up cycle project:  For those of you who love a good up cycling project or something to keep you busy why not give that old mattress a new use. There are many different creative projects to inspire you in ways you could give your mattress a new lease of life.  From converting an old mattress spring frame into a garden sweet pea trellis , decorative piece or a chic wall hanging in the home.