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Thread the needle day - awesome handmade soft furnishings for your home

Today is Thread the Needle Day, so be inspired to thread your needle and make some awesome handmade soft furnishings for your home and garden. Heart shapes made from different materials hung from a metal heart design hooked rack

Decor and Homes

Pretty hearts made from scraps of spare fabric can make beautiful accessories for bedrooms and living areas. A pink and blue kids garden play tent

Today's Creative Blog

Sew a summer play tent for the children; they'll love it and it will help protect them from sun burn.

Home-made cushions will give your home a truly unique look. Cushions are also a great way to use up your fabric remnants. Brown, red and beige cover for a sewing machine


Keep the dust off your sewing machine by making your own dust-cover. Modern and fresh sewing room with dark grey sewing machine on a white desk and a large bright window with floral cream and green curtains hung at the window

Squawk Fox

Making your own curtains and drapes gives the opportunity to use any fabric pattern and colour your want. A semi-circle side table with natural wooden top and white legs

Threads Magazine

If you don't fancy sewing try using old sewing patterns to make your own decoupage table top. It may not be actual sewing but it could still be counted to be within the spirit of the day. A light blue stuffed DIY hedgehog toy

All About You

Hand made toys always look amazing in a child's room as an accent that is practical and fun. A picnic place setting with red and white bowl and cup on a roll out fabric setting


Hand-made place setting are an easy project for beginners. Selection of draught excluders placed by in front of an open door

Bath Knight Blog

Make a draught excluder now ready in time to stop those annoying winter draughts chilling your home. A purple chicken toaster cover with wings, red beak and chicken head comb and white eyes

From The Home Stead

Keep your toaster clean by making it a quirky cover that suits the style of your kitchen. White and beige living room with small white arm chair and wooden coffee table, plus small beige roman blinds hung over individual window panes

vit House

Make your own Roman blinds - there's kits available to make life easier for you.

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