This years bedroom trends – part 7 – nudes and neutrals

This year colour plays a vital role in achieving stunning interiors and whilst we haven't seen the last of totally white bedrooms designers are moving on to nude and neutral colours to create a sense of total calm and relaxation in the bedroom. These almost non de-script colours are in many ways a new twist on magnolia and pale beige which where popular a couple of decades back.

Probably the biggest difference this years is the necessity to add different textures to life the room from dull and boring into the realms of chic styling. Giving yourself plenty of space is one of the main keys to creating this look. Storage is kept to built-in units which can barely been seen and simply blend into the walls rather than being placed inside the comfort zone of the bed area.

Comfort is essential, floating beds (or at least those which appear to be floating!) and making a real impact on the bedroom scene along with statement headboards. If you don't fancy a headboard which comes two thirds of the way up the wall then opt for sleek lines and imposing comfort. Luxury bedding is also a 'must', using fabulous bedding sets which include luxurious fabrics which include silk, satin and faux furs.

This style is all about individualism and whilst you may be a couple each person is given their own headboard area! Flooring remains plain and uncluttered. Rugs are no longer placed either side of the bed for the occupants to step onto for comfort, they are an integral part of the design and placed under the bottom half of the bed. The room should be kept as minimalistic as possible, no fussiness or large print fabrics should be included. Window dressings should also be plain and natural in appearance.

Ceiling to floor voile curtains in ivory or white are ideal. If you're disturbed by either passers by or light pollution then team with blackout roller blinds or cheap Venetian blinds in the same colour as the curtains. Add further textures by having modern chandelier style lighting which is suspended low over the bedside cabinets. If you're a clutter bug or prefer more vibrancy then style of bedroom is not for you! You'd be better off choosing the more eclectic styles of Folk.

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