This years bedroom trends – part 6 – parisian apartments

This timeless style remains extremely popular, probably because you don't need to spend a fortune to achieve the look, making it ideal for those just setting up home or dream of having an apartment in Paris! Old furniture is the key to this style and yet it is also possible to buy new furniture in this style for those who don't 'do' second hand!

The prices can be expensive, however the look is exquisite, chic and very stylish, sitting comfortable in any style of traditional or modern home. If you find good second hand furniture then you'll need to paint it white or off white with a distressed finish. This style isn't about shiny new surfaces, it's about re-creating the bourgeois era with an updated twist to enable it to suit modern living styles. Therefore keep your eye open for one off pieces of furniture and don't have every item matching, chairs, night stands and even the bed frame can all be different just as long as you paint them in the same or similar shades. Ivory and cream will look equally as pleasing it you want to take the edge off of stark white.

One area you will have to pay attention to is the bed, irrespective of the frame, it's the bedding which you need to get right if you're going to pull off the look impressively. Toile de Jouy, which is more commonly referred to as toile found its way into the English language around the 16th century. It's literal translation means 'cloth from Jouy-en-Josas'. It is a linen cloth or canvass, which has a pattern consisting of a white or off-white background with complex scene which are generally pastoral themes, such as a couple picnicking by a lake or flower arrangements.

The most common colours are black, red and blue, you can find green and magenta colours but these are less common. If you want the real patterns look for curtain material online as these retailers have extensive ranges of toile or similar fabrics from which you can make bedding and curtains. Walls should be kept plain, again white, to take the focus of the eye to the bed. Flooring is a matter of personal choice of carpet for floorboards, just as long as they are plain.

Opt for wooden curtain poles to hang your curtains, which should be full length and left to puddle onto the floor to give an informal yet stylish look. This applies even if you live in a cottage which only has small windows. If you prefer to keep the theme to all white Romantica curtain poles are very suitable and in keeping with the theme. Parisian apartment styles are not to everyone's taste, if you prefer something more modern part 2 -Colour and Texture- maybe be of interest.

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