This years bedroom trends – part 5 – country house glamour

This very stylish bedroom design offers a superb look which is suited perfectly for large bedrooms, however, like part 1 of this mini series, Folk Style, you don't necessarily have to live in a large country house to achieve this stunning look. The main feature and focal point of the bedroom is the bed, as such you should choose the paler natural woods such as light oak which offer a gentle look on the eye along with a more country feel and look than the darker shades.

If you prefer to make your bedroom a little more sophisticated then the darker woods such as mahogany are the perfect choice. Along with the bed the rest of the furniture should also be in the same style and colour as the bed frames itself, this includes using wooden curtain poles in light oak, preferably the larger diameter curtain poles to bring balance to the room, it would be ideal if you used end finials which have the same style as the bed posts.

To compliment the paler wood, dark bedding provides a country theme, opt for styles which have subdued colours to really enhance the wood beautifully. The latest quilted bed throws and matching pillow shams provide a very stylish look when the pattern is floral. Be careful not to choose colours and patterns which are too bold and bright, leave those for the more informal style of country cottages. This style is all about glamour and comfort, matching bedside tables and table lamps are a must, wall art also needs to be formal and if you can't find an exact colour match of wooden frames then go for gilt or gold colours.

This style does not lend itself to mismatched furnishings or furniture. Although this style is formal you should also remember to add the personal touches, such as filled cushions in a complimentary plain fabric along with foliage plants. Your choice of curtains also has to coordinate with the room and you have a choice of either using ready made curtains UK which match the quilted bedspread or your bedding, alternatively the curtains could match the plain filled cushions, either way you'll achieve glamorous styling. This style trend is all about a no nonsense approach with coordinated furniture and furnishings, neat and precise is the order of the day!

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