This years bedroom trends – part 4 – retro and chic

Modern and contemporary interiors are thriving on the trend of retro and chic this year, using fabulous patterns on wallpaper and bedding to make a real impact in the room. Gloriously rich colour tones such as reds and purples create a sense of warmth in a bedroom and whilst many interior designers are moving away from the completely coordinated look there is something extremely stylish and chic when you have bedding and ready made curtains which match!

Eyelet curtains are on-trend in a big way this year, offering a stylish and hassle free window dressing which creates beautiful wave effect pleats especially on large windows. One of the advantages of using this type of curtain heading is the ability to choose curtain poles to suit your theme. In retro styled bedrooms large diameter chrome curtain poles UK are an ideal choice, look for curtain poles which also have a retro end finial to keep the theme correct within the room.

Of course you can always add your own personal favourites, enabling you to place your vintage dressing table within the room without it looking out of place. This style is not only fashionable mixes the two styles brings a whole new look to bedrooms, striking a balance between the masculine and feminine superbly. Lookout for second hand furniture which you can give a lick of paint to. Symmetry lays well with this type of interior so when you can have identical objects such as bedside table with matching retro table lamps, again this will create a sense of purpose and balance to the room.

Choose big geometric prints for both bedding and curtains especially if you have a generously sized bedroom. Adding pattern will lift a bedroom out of the ordinary and give it the 'wow' factor you're looking for. Don't forget to add retro wall art with large prints of the iconic film stars of the era. Be bold with your colours and patterns and you can easily transform the look of your bedroom without spending a fortune.

If you like to change the theme and style of you're bedroom frequently then it's wise to stick to plain white or nude colour walls and then you'll have to do is swap the bedding sets according to your mood and the time of year! For more idea of how to add colour and textures to your bedroom part 2 of this mini series may give you the inspiration you're looking for!

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