This years bedroom trends – part 3 – natural materials

The use of natural materials continues to be the hottest interior design trends, with use of all things natural and emphasis on using materials from sustainable sources, being a real must have this year. Making your own furniture from sawn timber may be taking things a little too far, however it does make you stop and consider where the furnishings we buy actually come from and those who are making a conscious effort to only buy from managed forests for wooden furniture and furnishings, this includes wooden blinds.

There are some great online suppliers who actively encourage buying from well managed forests and re-planting schemes to help reduce the impact of deforestation. In a similar vein buying ready made curtain poles UK will also help to lower your carbon footprint as the shipping and delivery can make a real difference to how far your goods are transported. Just because you buy cheap Venetian blinds doesn't mean that you can't still look for online retailers who take this positive stance on where they source their products from.

There are some great colours to choose from to coordinate with your colour scheme and furniture. If you have a light neutral colour scheme you have a couple of superb choices to really enhance the look of your windows and your bedroom. The first option is to stick with the neutral tones and select wooden Venetian blinds in light ash or honey pine which will reflect the light and enhance the overall appearance of the room, this is a good tip if your room is small and you want to make it appear larger.

The second option is to opt for rich dark or mid tones of wood, such as oak and mahogany. These will create a natural warmth to the room which is ideal for making a large bedroom more homely as well as providing a chic elegance which teams well with colours with a natural red base, such as purple and even some tones of blue. The combination of darker woods and neutral, natural tones is also an alternative worth considering, as this can bring a sense of balance and a natural flow to the theme of your room. Team darker tones of wood with cream luxury bedding and luxurious curtains and a stunning look can easily be achieved.

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