This years bedroom trends – part 2 – colour and texture

One of the biggest trends seen in bedrooms this year is the use of colour and texture to create stunning looks which are easy to achieve even on a budget. The key to achieving this look is to ensure that you choose colours within the same ranges of shades, as these complement each other beautifully, offering a beautifully designed bedroom which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Different textures should also be included, within the bedroom this can mean using gorgeous tactile fabrics such as silk, taffeta, organza, crushed velvet, along with crisp cool cotton bedding sets.

The latest luxury bedding includes many of these beautiful fabrics to bring a whole new dimension to the bedroom. As this year's official in trend colour is turquoise theme in your bedroom around this colour and it complimentary colours is a great way to update refresh a tired looking bedroom. You can add further contrasting texture with the curtains all window dressing you choose. Jazz curtains for example are made from beautiful taffeta style fabric which has a natural creased effect, which catches the light and displays wonderful shimmering effects giving the fabric and natural flowing appearance.

Another way to add different colours and textures into your bedroom is to look for bedding which has the versatility and practicality of cotton along with a fine band of contrasting coloured silk or satin. To achieve a truly stunning bedroom you will also have to adopt the trend of piling your bed with filled cushions, which all add to their overall appearance of the room. It's also a good idea to keep the walls plain so that the focus remains on the bed. If you have the need for privacy then vertical blinds made from fabric will add a modern look and are ideal for using in conjunction with curtains.

Alternatively to add another texture the latest faux suede roller blinds are a superb choice, which can again be coordinated with your curtains and your bedding. For those who are not very good at colour coordination can always adopt the trend of deliberate colour clashing, this is where the boundaries of which colours blend with each other broken. It's a style where you can have orange and purple in the same room for example which provides great colour schemes for those who prefer to make a bold statement in the bedroom! If you prefer a more folk style look to you bedroom yesterday's post may be of interest.

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