This years bedroom trends – part 1 – folk style

You don't have to live in a cottage or a rustic setting to create this year's trend of folk style. You can turn a modern home into a quaint and very charming home of using some different ideas which fit in with your desired look, folksy, fun or sophisticated. Wooden furniture is the main basis for this style, even modern bed frames with a chunky look in light colours, such as honey oak will give a folk style look. Wooden flooring is a must and if you don't live in a home which has original floorboards which can be stripped, laminate flooring is a good budget option.

Add extra layers of comfort with rugs. The folk style look is about mix and match, so you don't have to worry about having coordinating furniture, mix natural wood with painted pieces and the result can be very striking. Tall headboards will give the room its sense of own importance. Layering your bed with throws, comforters and pillows will create a feeling of comfort and is essential to achieve the folk style look. You can use lots of patterns if there's good natural light in the room, however you should try and keep the colour scheme simple, with no neon brights! Add interest by varying the pattern sizes and styles.

One of the easiest way to achieve this is with a patchwork bedspread or quilted throw. If you don't happen to have been passed a handmade patchwork quilt and don't have time to make one yourself they are imitation patchwork fabrics and duvet sets which will give you the look instantly! If the room is small remember to stick to smaller patterns on the fabrics, remember the rule of thumb – big room, big patterns -small room, small patterns! If you are pushed for space keep the walls plain as you'll have plenty of pattern elsewhere.

An all white or cream scheme is easy to update and you can create a folk style look just by changing the bedding. If you want to have wallpaper opt for styles which have reflective properties as these will help to bounce the light around the room. Rooms with big windows can be enhanced with flowing sheer voile curtains, if you also need privacy you can keep them half closed all day, team with blackout roller blinds for a good night's sleep. To sum up the look hang folklore style pictures, samplers and an old mirror, make the room higgledy piggledy, eclectic and stylish!

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