Fantasy, whimsy and fun are the key elements – basically anything which doesn't make logical sense is used to create a stunning interior filled with colour and texture, which in turn brings a cosy and homely look rather than a stuffy and formal one. A place where you can easily relax is a place that's called home – far too often people decorate their interiors in an attempt to emulate a design they've seen rather than one they actually feel at home with. It's an easy thing to do if you want the latest trends and styles, but it can lead to disastrous consequences if you're afraid to walk freely through your home for fear of ruining or spoiling the style. Nonsensical is a superb interior design style which gives you freedom to experiment and have fun and still achieve a stunning end result. However, to get the look right you'll still have to follow some interior design guide lines otherwise you run the risk of ending up with a jumbled mess which lacks identity and style. Think along the lines of using opposites to set you on the right path; the things that in the past you've been told ' you shouldn't mix those patterns, colours or designs in the same room'. This is where you'll be able to kick traditions and be self expressive! In the living room you can use metallic silver curtains with tartans and plaids; brightly coloured voile panels with traditional damasks and jacquards and large rugs which have a bold colour to highlight a wooden or polished concrete floor. In the bedroom the nonsensical approach can mix plain and patterned bedding against neon bright walls and light fixings. Old styled bed frames can sit comfortably next to the latest wheeled storage cubes – the contrast between the two modes of style will bring a uniqueness to your home. Accessories are another area where you can adopt a nonsensical approach – use fun knick-knacks set on open shelving, if you have storage with cubbyholes use a bold colour for the background or pattern wallpapers. Look for shelving with unusual shapes or those which seem to defy gravity and don't have any visible brackets holding them against the wall. The latest patchwork chairs are another great way of bringing a nonsensical look into your home.