Think Pink

I was reading this post recently on Annechovie entitled ‘In The Pink’ - and it made me think pink. Whilst Pink has, without question, earned itself the dubious association with all things girlie, pretty frilly and feminine, it does have a lot of good qualities and strengths. It has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in recent years and earned itself a new found reputation, not only in fashion and interiors (in a diversity of shades from vivid fuchsias to pastel corals), but as an emblem of strength and survival too. Pink has a much more important association these days. It is indeed recognised as a delicate, romantic and feminine colour, pale Pinks in particular are often associated with demure daintiness, delicate frills, frailty, fragility and even vulnerability. Whereas hot and vivid pinks evoke energy, vitality and stand for in your face, unapologetic, girl power! True pink in terms of the colour spectrum is created by an equal balance of pure red and white. A hot colour mixed with a cold one, the perfect representation of womankind wouldn't you say? Beneath the cool, collected and sophisticated exterior of every female lurks a smouldering hot blooded woman! (even if she doesn’t know it) Pink represents vulnerability as well as strength. So it is not surprising then, that this predominantly female hue has become the adopted colour of women the world over fighting for a cause; and that cause is to defeat cancer! So, as it was our local Race for Life day here in Stoke-on-Trent recently, I thought today was the perfect time to think Pink and to post Pink. Pink has become the iconic and corporate colour of Cancer Research UK (who host the Race for Life events) and the Pink Ribbon of the global Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness. Race for Life is the largest women-only fundraising event in the UK. Money raised from this event has a huge impact on the work of Cancer Research UK. It ensures we are the leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research So for the women of the world everywhere who are winning, or still battling against cancer, I salute you and the people supporting you, with this demonstration of just how well this colour represents you, your cause and all things fun, feminine and girlie. You prove every day that Pink is strong, bold, impactive and capable of leaving its mark on the world in a big way. So move over Barbie because you don’t have the monopoly on pink anymore, these ladies do, so here’s my tribute to the wearers of the pink ribbon and all things pink, strong and beautiful. Like it or not Pink is a prolific and naturally occurring colour of Mother Nature - and like most women, she’s never wrong! In addition to that, I think these trees are very symbolic of women in general and the cancer support network in particular. Beneath the flourishes of pretty fragranced blossom is an unshakable structure whose steadfast roots are the life support system of that delicate and fragile topping. Should the blossom fall, the inner strength of its core and the roots that provide its support system will sustain it season on season until it blossoms again. Mother Nature’s intricate complexity is sim-Pink-ly beautiful – a contradiction in terms maybe, but another true representation of womankind don’t you think? Multi-faceted and multi-skilled with a deep rooted love of the simple things in life. Pink Grasshopper! - This very unusual vivid pink insect, was spotted by an eight-year-old on a farm in Wiltshire. The insect has been identified as a young female meadow grasshopper by the Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre and although it is not a rare species, "only rarely are vivid pink female nymphs seen".  The moral here – it’s OK to show your true colours from time to time. Now what woman doesn't love cake and what more justification could you want to eat it than the fact that it’s Pink and sugar coated? OK, OK, I know it’s tasteless and needlessly blingy but I had to throw it in for the Barbie factor  -  I can’t leave her out completely now can I? Let’s face it she’s been a huge advocate for pink for all of her working career! Pink kitchen anyone? maybe, maybe not. Pink diamonds anyone?  Yes please! And the cost? like every woman, it’s priceless! Remember this pastel coloured feline? He is almost as iconic as Barbie! Pink and gorgeously glittery too! It’s every little (and grown up) girl’s dream to have dressing up shoes like this, whether you’re in Kansas City or just in Mum’s bedroom. Now not a lot of vehicles can carry pink off well and certainly not tastefully; you’re average transit van for example would look pretty silly in Pink – but, the VW Camper Van is in a class of its own and looks stylish whatever it’s wearing... ...and if Mother Nature wants to rock the pink look, it’s a good colour to wear, who are we to argue? And to finish off, if Pink has played a big part in your life - for whatever reason - and you’re now a pink convert through and through and an advocate of everything it represents, then here are some winning ways to live with it on a daily basis: A fresh and inviting space that is welcoming, cheerful and colourful, created with a cleverly balanced mix of cream, green and pink and a complementary mixture of florals, geometrics and plains I love everything about this stunning hallway. Delicate florals and leafy themes mixed with bold pops of plain colour and a dramatic stripe. You wouldn’t think all that would work together, but it does. A perfect example of bold and brave and a great way to make your home speak volumes about you. I love the subtly graded, tinted effect, that is created by clever lighting behind this bedstead and this is a perfect example of pink not doing girlie, in fact I would almost go as far as to say this room is actually quite masculine. This room say I’m strong and I’m in control. The pink is added in subtle pops of colour by the back wall, fabric throw and Andy Warhol style pop art, which not only make the look stylish but fun too. I love the sumptuous softness and rich, warm, colour of this luxurious bed, against the strong and dramatic statement stripes of the black and white wall; and in addition, a touch of classic elegance is provided by the shapely legs of the stylish side tables. Now what woman wouldn't want to be described like that......sumptuous, soft, strong, dramatic, elegant and stylish?