June is camping month! before you set off on your camping trip at home or abroad there's some basic pieces of equipment you really should be taking with you.   Somewhere to sleep: It's obvious that you'll be needing a tent – however, not all tents are equal! They range from a basic pop-up to those that are suspended between two trees, or the latest solar tents which provide natural, free, energy. f2ec98f6a4149edb627bb5d01eb0ed22060bca58095454df6399ffdd1fe73776_large



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  Tent rain gear: Irrespective of whether you're camping at home or abroad it's a wise move to take some rain gear for your tent with you. FVY3URDFA190M31.MEDIUM

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Camping shower: You need to wash, and a shower is the quickest way to get clean all-over. safari-sustainability-shower-icon

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Sleeping bag: The latest sleeping bags are more akin to all-in-one suits tat enable you walk without having to climb out! Sleeping bag2

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Camping pillow: Pillows which are designed for camping are lightweight, sometimes inflatable, enabling them to take little space in your pack-pack. kelty  

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  1st Aid kit: Always take a well stocked 1st aid kit with you, accidents happen, so you need to be prepared. outdoor-first-aid-kit

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Torch: Don't forget to take a torch. If you don't have a wind-up style remember to take extra batteries too. 879_torch1  

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Sunscreen: Always handy to have and should be used even if it doesn’t feel hot. hiking-camping-essentials-sun-protection  

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Insect repellent: Insect repellents are essential – without you'll undoubtedly be bitten alive! 130508_InsectRepellent-Borel.jpg.CROP.article568-large


Camp fire starters: Rubbing sticks together to start a fire may sound like fun, but you won't be saying that when the method doesn't work! Make your own fire starters or take pre-made. fire-starter-1

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Matches: Keep matches safe and dry – they'll be nothing worse that trying to light a camp fire without them. gb309s1

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Cooking pot: Once you have your camp fire burning you'll need a cooking pots to warm your baked beans! Screen-shot-2014-03-21-at-11.12.35-am

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  Loo paper: An essential! Forget to take a loo roll, or two, and you'll be up the proverbial stream without a paddle! 192  


Hand sanitiser: Germs spread fast, save the hassle of using your water to wash your hands use sanitiser instead. 300


Water: Make sure you take plenty of bottled water, not only to drink but to use for cooking and washing. bottled-water

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Activities: Organise some outdoor activities before you set off. Scavenger hunts, 'eye-spy' etc. can be played by everyone. Camping-Scavenger-Hunt-Apron-Strings-Other-Things-570x707

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