The Nature Inspired Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Be inspired by nature this season to create a home filled with individual style. Bring in the textures and colours that you love most from the great outdoors for a perfect retreat all your own. Mother Nature’s earthy influence on the home this season is evident in colour palettes, natural materials and fibres and a general feeling of calm and tranquillity in the rooms laid out by designers at present.

The colours of nature truly come into play the soft furnishings and fabrics on sale at the moment. Pistachio, lime, gold, amber and lots of shades of blue are all very popular presently. Nature-inspired prints such as botanicals and tropical-themed toiles are also proving very popular with natural cotton aptly becoming the material of choice for seating and slip covers.

It is not only in the colour palette that we are seeing the influence of nature. We are also seeing a huge resurgence of natural materials in home decorating. Wood, stone, wicker, copper and slate are some of the harder materials finding their way into homes on a more regular basis lately. Cherished for their natural beauty, they can add real warmth and a sense of calmness to almost any space. Peoples houses are their retreats so it shouldn’t really surprise us that homeowners now want comfort and cosiness inside given the harsh weather and bleak financial outlook outside. Turning to nature for inspiration for your home will help you relax much better after arriving home.

Wicker furniture is making a big comeback in today’s nature-inspired home designs. Typically reserved for the outdoors, this simple, light furniture can be brought into the foyer, breakfast area or bedroom. The great thing about this informal material is its ability to carry through the seasons- it will look just as good over summer months as it does now.

For cupboards, wardrobes and other forms of storage look for hardwood pieces with rustic details such as the pits, knots and natural graining found in select hardwoods like cherry, teak, or pine. These inherent, individual characteristics add uniqueness and natural beauty to any room. A family-friendly wax finish on woods allows these natural characteristics to be enjoyed and grow more beautiful with time and use.

You can include stone and slate as tiling for floors and walls, worktops, fire surrounds, or patios. Not only is stone durable, it also takes on a beautiful sheen with frequent use.

Metal has long been a part of contemporary home décor. Previously cooler metals like brushed steel and wrought iron were the most popular, but we are now seeing a return to old favourites like copper and gold. Copper pots and pans are great for hanging around the kitchen as they bring an innate sense of traditional and much warmth. Copper or brass curtain poles are a great way to spread its use further. Gold is a more ornate and decorative metal and should be included as statuettes, curtain tie backs and pin hooks, or even as metallic wallpaper. Metals are beautiful, durable materials to introduce into any room setting.

Allowing the natural world into your home is guaranteed to give beautiful results. What’s more, a nature inspired theme will never date, ensuring your home remains as lovely as the day it was finished for many years to come.

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