The Great British Summer of Colour

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Colour inspiration can be gleaned for quite literally anywhere, however, when it comes to choosing colours that are quintessentially associated with the British summer there are three main sources of inspiration, namely, strawberries & cream, the seaside and, for those who love sport, Wimbledon!

 Wimbledon has a long history, and so do its colours, purple, dark green that date back to 1909, although the reason for the colours changes is not stated in the records. Notwithstanding, it is well recognised within the world of interior design that purple and green sit peacefully next to one another in all the various shades. So, if you're looking for a touch of Wimbledon, (or maybe want to celebrate the UK's success ) opt for darker purple and dark green. If you're looking for a more retro décor lime green and aubergine are the colour choices you should go for. For those looking for a more gentle hue summer lavenders and pale greens are the ideal choice.

 Wimbledon Colour Scheme Inspiration

Wimbledon tennis logo, with a grass lawn background

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A purple cushion with a centre stripe of shiny sequins

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Aubergine coloured roman blinds

 Terrys Fabrics

Dark green rug on a dark wooden floor

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What could be more British than eating a bowl full of scrumptious strawberries and cream, picked from your own garden or from a local producer. These fabulous colours evoke the feeling of long, hot lazy summer days, picnics and summer weddings. Red and cream look stunning in most types of home and as red is the colour associated with stimulating the taste buds what better place to use this colour scheme than the dining room or kitchen.

 Inspiration for Strawberries & Cream


Strawberries and cream in a glass bowl

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Selection of white, red and spotty lampshades

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White and red kitchen curtains

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White lamp with cream, red and green floral lampshade

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Red eyelet curtains in a cream living room

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Holidays by the seaside are making a come back. Britain has some wonderful seaside towns where you can re-live your childhood or take your new family for treats. The sun may not always be shining, but you can still have fun dipping your toes in the water, having a donkey ride, building sand castles and so much more! bring the British seaside into your home for a year round touch f summer pleasure or use soft furnishings to bring back memories of days spent at the beach.

 Be Inspired by the Great British Seaside


A sandcastle on a beach with a union flag stuck in it

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Blue, white and red beach hut style bedding, with bunting above the bed

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Cream and blue fabric swatch themed around teddy bears going to the beach

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Cream fabric swatch with red, duck egg and pink bunting

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White shower curtain with green, yellow, blue and purple writing that repeats: Splish, Splash, Water, Waves

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