Summer is a wonderful time that many of us look forward to and home decoration ideas and creativity is often sparked during this season. When considering different ideas for the home, whether you are decorating one room or the whole house, many overlook the classic and quintessential English rose. Roses are of course popular for many occasions and when strategically placed around the home, you can transform your residence into a wonderful and inviting place for your guests. Roses will actually give you the classic 'English country' appearance to your home and they look really good when contrasted against pine wooden furniture and lace table cloths. For those of you who really want to make that special effort with your rose arrangements, why not consider some new floral patterns for the living room table. A white and red table cloth looks really good, especially if this matches the colour coordination of the roses around the house and will certainly create that British summer atmosphere for friends and family during tea parties. Aside from the living room, you may even want to take your rosy ideas up into the bedroom. Here you don't need to worry about the flowers as you can use wall decorations to create the same effect. Red rose wall art is perfect and look romantic on a bedroom wall. Roses are associated with not only love and emotion but also luxury; this is something you should remember when decorating your home. You can create a wonderful luxury bedroom using rose and floral themes on duvet cover sets and compliment this with some wonderful red curtains. The curtains should be silky in appearance and either blood or scarlet red. Once you have hung them you may want to compliment them with black or white accents around the room. Places like the skirting boards and the edges of the window sills are great areas to add a bit of contrast so take a look online and see how other home owners are being creative. There are of course many shades of roses so if scarlet red does not take your fancy then white or cream roses look equally as impressive as the red rose. Remember that you should have some fun here. It is quite difficult to go wrong with a floral theme, so take some brave decisions along the way and bring a quintessentially English look to your home.