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The chateau by angel strawbridge

Chateau de La Motte Husson comes to Terry's Fabrics

As you know, at Terry's Fabrics we're all about....'transforming your home for less'....and we love trying to offer you products, ideas and inspiration to help you to do so. So you can imagine how pleased, proud and excited we are to now be stockists of a stunningly delightful range of home furnishings inspired by one of the most iconic DIY couples currently known in the Home Decor sector - none other than Dick and Angel Strawbridge of TV's 'Escape to the Chateau' fame. 

 And because we're all about .... 'transforming your home for less' .... we absolutely love this show! The inspiration that Dick & Angel give to ordinary homeowners (as well as mansion dwellers) shows, without a doubt, that you can still have a unique, even stunning home, that accurately reflects your own personal signature style, even on a limited budget - and even if it's not a Chateau!

They are testament to the fact that being creative an being different is most definitely OK! And for those among us who don't dare to dare, or have no creative leaning, or eye for colour and detail - then what a stroke of genius for Angel to 'share' her beautiful Art Deco inspired designs with the rest of the world in the form of her Chateau Collection product range; making her  gorgeously luxurious, but versatile, chateau inspired designs available to all those of us who wish we lived in a chateau. 

And in another stroke of genius, Angel has collaborated with Bellfield's Design Studio to make this range of desirable, yet affordable home wares happen for real. With years of knowledge and experience under their belts, they are one of the largest home furnishing groups in the UK, producing everything from fabrics to curtains, blinds, cushions and lampshades; and with quality and design paramount to the company ethos, it's not hard to see why Angel trusted them to make her dream of making her designs widely available to the public into a reality.

 Bellfield's have expertly given Angel's designs iconic branding combined with top quality manufacturing and have created five unmistakably unique collections within the Chateau Range. Each of the collections tells a story of the hidden treasures and enchanting grounds of Angel's fairy-tale home and combines her love for Art Deco with some of her favourite parts and best finds from the Chateau; as well as celebrating her quirky sense of design and love of old things.
Selected bedding, curtains and cushions from the - Wallpaper Museum, Heron, Oriental Garden, Deco and Potagerie - Collections, which all form part of The Chateau de La Motte Husson's homewares collection, are now available as part of our extensive product range at Terry's Fabrics.
So here's what we've got to offer..... 

Shop our full product range from Angel's Chateau Collection here


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