The blue & white interior trend

Blue and white together is not only a classic and timeless combination for interior schemes, but a sure fire way to make any home appear freshened, expansive and more cheerful; so choosing blue and white for a summer interior couldn’t be more appropriate. The blue and white combination is set to be particularly prominent throughout the summer as the trend emerging from the spring sees an undeniable prominence of bright cobalt and royal blues right through to powder and teal blues – but all teamed with white of course. Blue and white florals combined with regency or ticking stripes, will give a nostalgic nod towards vintage or shabby chic style schemes, whereas pale blues and white will give a fresh coastal or French colonial look.

Blue and white floral curtains in a bay window, matching cushions on a white wooden frame sofa and antique cream grandfather clock

The dreamy drapes in this sun filled sitting room are in a beautiful, light, cobalt blue cotton panama, adorned with large, white stylised blooms which look almost translucent with the bright white sunlight streaming through them. The open, fresh and bright feel to this scheme is uplifting and inviting; and although there is little or no other colour in the room besides the curtains and matching, assorted, cushions (notice the stripe thrown in) little else is needed. The floral fabric, not too ironically is called ‘Summer’.

Light blue fabric swatches, one floral, the other striped

Collage of two light blue and white interiors, left a window bench, right a sofa and grandfather clock

Blue and cream fabric swatch

I love the eclectic mix and style juxtaposition in these two images. Orient meets shabby chic, meets Regency almost. The main fabric in both images is called Geisha and features a reproduction print of original hand inked oriental drawings of birds and birdcages, in cobalt, mid and navy blues, on a slightly off white background. Birds are important in Oriental art as they represent love and emotion. The open cages symbolise freedom and therefore a release of emotions; and whilst its name and design would suggest an oriental theme the design of this striking fabric is accommodating and versatile enough to be incorporated, as the lifestyle image shows, into a variety of interior schemes.

Blue and cream ornate trees and people scene, Royal Doulton style

‘Festin Bleu’ depicts a French country scene in iconic Toile-de- Jouy style, which has enjoyed a revival in recent times. Toile is a “linen cloth” or “canvas” style fabric and Toile-de-Jouy literally means...“cloth from Jouey-en-Josas”, a town of north-central France. This reproduction 100% cotton print, however, accurately recreates a typical toile scene which usually took the form of a repeating pattern of a complex, pastoral, theme such as village life, woodland or flowers.

The design is always produced in a single colour, most often black, dark red, or blue, on a white or off white background. This blue colour way is perfect for the season’s trend for blue and white interiors and is a timeless classic which will lend itself to any number of interior design schemes; and is guaranteed to add a touch of understated class and elegance into the bargain too!

Light blue fabric swatch with cream flowers

Florals are a winner any season, but combine them with one of the season’s top trends and a delicate and subtle, blue and white design like this one called Meadow, could be the result. This cotton print is soft, feminine and quintessentially English, with iconic images of trailing white tea roses meandering their way across a powder blue background. Shabby chic but elegant and vintage but current, this design would lend itself to a variety of soft furnishing projects from blinds to curtains and bedcovers to occasional furniture; and despite being on-trend at the moment, would offer style combined with longevity.

Darker blue fabric swatch with beige floral pattern

And whilst we’re talking about longevity, this is ‘Timeless’. Aptly named because it is a traditional design that has stood the test of time and is still current and popular. This gorgeous woven jaquard fabric is beautifully detailed and textured and would look stunning incorporated into a period style setting as it would add authentic elegance with an added touch of class.

White and blue floral fabric rumpled and gathered

This design, I have to admit, is not new to Terry’s. If I’m perfectly honest it’s probably safe to say it’s a ‘veteran’ of our core range - but one I have always adored and amired, so I am happy to have a reason to show case it. ‘Nostalgia’ is a beautifuly detailed but bold, blue on white floral design featuring heady, petal laden, layered blooms such as camelia, poppy and peony in a stunning, monochrome, china blue.

Collage of three uses of light blue and white fabric, checked cushions and floral curtains

In complete contrast to, but perfectly designed to co-ordinate with Nostalgia, is ‘Mia’. A clean and crisp looking plaid style check, this quality woven cotton makes the perfect accompaniment to the flowing flourishes of Nostalgia. Use it as scatter cushions for a pleasant juxtaposition of style and pattern, or use it on its own for stylish and elegant roman blinds, which always look smart in checks or stripes.

White bedding with blue flowers and beige leaves, on a metal bed frame

The contrast of a stripe with a floral works beautifully here too in this stunning bed set called ‘Epernay’. Bold yet delicate, oversized blooms, in muti-tonal shades of navy and aqua, enhanced by a touch of grey, stand out against the pure white background of this printed duvet cover. The edges of the duvet cover and the pillow cases are defined with a border of grey and the reverse is a sharp deckchair style stripe in grey and blue, again against a bright white background.

White bedding with a swirling dark blue floral design
A rectangular blue and white striped cushion
Wedgwood blue is an iconic shade of blue that is know the world over. Janet Reger has taken inspiration from it here, for this elegant and stylish bedding set called ‘Trinity’. A crisp white background showcases delicate leaf scrolls, scallops and flourishes, interspersed with bouquets of roses in an almost Adam’s style design. Although the design is essentially of a traditional or period style, it is backed with a stripe and has a matching boudoir cushion, which give it a modern edge too; making the set extremely versatile in terms of fitting in to your interior decor, as well as being on-trend.
White and very light blue floral pattern bedding
White and blue floral cushion

And in a similar style but with more of a nod towards vintage and shabby chic and with a pretty, scalloped, edge and a beautiful textured feel, is our ‘Etoile’ bedding set . This quilted bedspread is both aesthetic and practical as it is designed to cover floor to floor, instantly creating a sylish and co-ordinted look, regardless of what’s underneath! The look is completed by matching scalloped pillow cases and a filled cushion with the same detailing.

White bedding with blue circle design that look like different patterned plates or circular rubber stamps

Kirsty Allsopp has captured English country cottage charm with her blue and white offering this season. And what could be more quintessentially English than country roses and fine bone china. The essentially geometric design of ‘Joselyn’ is created by repeating circles in a number of different blue and white patterns, inspired by the pottery designs of blue and white china ware. The style is rustic and vintage and inimitably Kirsty.
Four different cushions in blue and white, in different sizes and styles

She has embellished the bedding set with a carefully thought out collection of charming accessories and coordinating curtains, for a fully coordinated get the look at home style, that whilst maybe ‘off-the-peg’, still offers bags of potential for expressing your own unique personality and signature style.

White bedding with a vivid blue and yellow floral pattern

Cream curtains with a vivid blue and yellow floral design

English country roses are undeniably prevalent here too, but this time we’re at the turquoise/teal end of the blue spectrum. ‘Bouquet’ is an essentially traditional design too, but the bold splashes of vivid turquoise in these heady blooms look stunning against the clean, open and simple white setting; giving the room a modern edge, which is further enhanced by the fun and energetic deckchair stripe which backs the duvet cover. Beautifully fresh and invigorating, this simple set is stimulating and inviting for an attractive summer bedroom.

Striped bedding with dark blue stripes that gradually get lighter until they are final white, each blue strip separated by a bold black line

And in complete contrast, here’s proof that blue and white doesn't have to mean flowery and feminine! Statement stripes are always a winning look and the broad, ombre shaded, block colour, horizontal stripes of our ’Soho’ duvet cover couldn't make a bigger statement if they tried! The look in this lifestyle shot is simple and uncluttered with a few carefully chosen accessories which enhance the look, but don’t detract in any way from the feature bed cover. The navy wall adds depth and pulls the colour scheme together in this beautifully bright and airy room. The natural wood floor adds warmth and the rug adds texture.

Striped double bedding in different shades of blue

The stamped text and proud to be British crest of our ‘Richmond’ printed duvet set, gives it an artisan studio style feel and authentic charm. Broad, horizontal, multi-tonal, blue stripes are backed with a crisp and clean looking, white and fine navy vertical stripe. The set adds focus and impact in this neutral setting and sits well against the white walls, textured bricks and natural wood floor.

Dark blue curtains with an intricate white geometric design

A dark blue cushion with an intricate white geometric design

Making a very elegant statement, as well as a striking one, these ‘Midtown’ faux silk curtains have a luxurious taffeta look and feel, overlaid with a crisp white embroidered ogee design. The look of the curtains is one of sumptuous opulence that works very well in this modern and minimalistic setting, juxtaposed against the gloss white floor and white walls of this contemporary home.

Beige bedding with different coloured rectangles covering the bedding to create a block work pattern

Geometrics, checks, plaids, patchwork and pieced and patched fabrics were some of the pattern trends predicted in the spring. Our ‘Memphis’ bedding is a fun and funky geometric which uses vertical columns of irregular sized blocks of colour, almost like colour swatches, against a neutral beige background.

Beige and blue complement each other perfectly, even within a blue and white scheme. In the lifestyle image, the duvet cover not only adds colour but pulls all the neutral coloured elements in the scheme together. This is simple and effective, but very clever interior decorating, as the whole colour scheme or style of the room could be changed, simply by changing the duvet cover – so for the seasonal decorator, this approach is perfect!

Dark blue bedding with a lighter blue checked pattern

And here’s another great example. In this neutral setting, grey tones add interest and depth to the otherwise white interior instead of beige and a warming splash of colour is injected by the petrol blue shade of this striking, giant plaid design called ‘York’.

Cream bedding with striped and checked blue patterned

Miss-matched patterns, in-set, pieced and patched fabrics and texture, all come together in this charming collection called ‘Penzance’, which as its name suggests, offers a subtle but not overly obvious nod towards nautical. Checks stripes and ginghams work in perfect harmony together to create this attractive bedding set with matching curtains and accessories. The off-white background adds a little more maturity to the design than pure white would, giving it a slightly shabby chic/vintage feel, but the set is versatile and would suit the young and the ‘mature’ alike!.

Gingham kitchen curtains in dark blue

And when it comes to blue and white colour schemes, the simplicity of a plain and simple gingham shouldn’t be overlooked. Ginghams are so easy to work with as they are generic and timeless and will blend with almost all interior styles, themes and schemes and can be added almost anywhere, from cushions to curtains, headboards to throws and blinds to table runners, for a splash of seasonal on-trend colour.

White bedding with blue butterflies, on a white metal bed frame

And finally here is the season’s trend for birds/butterflies combined with our blue and white theme. ‘Flutter’ is a printed duvet set with a charming butterfly design in multi-tonal blues and a spotty blue and white border and reverse. The design is fresh, light and uplifting. Perfect for waking up to on all those bright, sunny, summer mornings!

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