The art of illusion - part 7 – integrating outdoors indoors

If you look at many of the interior design blogs or design magazine many show fabulous interiors which have huge walls of glass which simply slide open and step out onto verandas or outdoor rooms. Of course in the UK there are few such luxuries, the climate just isn't conducive to having outdoor rooms and unless people live in remote and rural areas the chances are you will be overlooked by neighbours!

Rather than have outdoor rooms the British have conservatories, and if they are lucky and its south facing they may be able to slide the doors right back to make it feel as if they are sitting in their garden! However, the reason the British have adopted the idea of conservatories is because for most it's the next best thing to an outdoor room.

Vertical blinds are typically the choice of providing privacy or for the more adventurous lightweight voile curtains are occasionally used, Stereotypically there will also be cane furniture, a coffee table and some plants. It may sound cynical but as the British are unaccustomed to having months of hot weather the call or need for anything more has never been appropriate! Of course there are some people who use their conservatories all year round, especially if they are stuck for internal house space or they have a heating source fitted, otherwise for most people they are too hot in the summer and too cold to use in winter!

This becomes a dilemma as if not careful the conservatory becomes a redundant space which is only used on high days and holidays! Bringing the illusion of the outside into your home can be achieved very easily if you take inspirational ideas from those who reside in warmer climates and make full use of their living space ,where you will see tap top curtains used rather than vertical blinds, as these also act as a good preventive measures from reducing the number of bites or stinging insects as well as billowing gently when the breeze catches them.

Cheap roller blinds or Roman blinds are also ideal for conservatories as they allow maximum light in when pulled up. The great advantage of using these styles of blinds is that you can lower them part way as the sun moves across the sky, especially if you use a blinds for each panel of glass. Use combinations of sheer fabrics and opt for ready made curtains UK to find the latest colours and patterns. Experiment with your window dressings, just because you have a conservatory doesn't mean you are obliged to have vertical blinds! Image: Belle Maison

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