The art of illusion – part 6 – detailing and finishing touches

Bay windows are renowned for being notoriously difficult to dress, however it is now possible to obtain curtain poles which have been designed to fit all sizes of bay windows by using splicing pieces or jointed angles which fit round the corners of the bay. The art of illusion is all about making the eye think it sees what should be in place, and in a way confusing the mind by tricking it, much like illusionists, hence the name! If you prefer not to opt for the traditional Swish curtain track or bay window curtain poles to hang your curtains, you always have the opportunity to use your bay window as a real show stopper!

Create dramatic and effectual bay window dressings by using a pelmet which has been carved or cut into an unusual shape for the centre of the window and use lightweight voile curtains to drape over the pelmet and hang loosely down each side. Although this type of window dressing is purely for show, as it would be impossible to actually close this style of curtains, they do make an impressive focal point to a bay window! It is this type of detailing and finishing touches which turn interiors from so-so into those which have the 'wow' factor, as such one of this years trends is to pay attention to the little details without having to spend a fortune as the emphasis also focuses on value for money and durability.

Another way of changing the look of a room is to add little details such as the use of different textures, for example in the bedroom opt for embroidered bedspreads or those which have the luxury of soft velvet used in conjunction with silk either in the same shades of colour or completely contrasting to give a sumptuous look and feel to the room.

There are many different types of duvet sets available, therefore if you see a colour and style you like you could add your own personal detailing by sewing on sequins, tape or ribbons which can also be purchased from online retailers which have a haberdashery section.

This is also a good opportunity to recycle or 'up-cycle' some personal treasures such as old pieces of lace or buttons, just remember to ensure they will be able to withstand laundering if you are going to add them to your bedding. Image: Just Imagine Design Blog

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