The art of illusion – part 5- playing with light

In this mini series we continue to look at the art of illusion and the stunning affects this can have on your interior. Playing with light is an illusion which is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Achieving a really stunning interior means you will have to pay attention to light, both natural and artificial if you want your rooms to look great.

It is the use of light which often gives a room that 'wow' factor we all strive for! One of the easiest ways to use natural light is by the use of cheap Venetian blinds as the slats can be angled and opened to varying degrees to allow as much or as little light into a room as you want. By simply angling the slats it is possible to achieve some beautiful lighting effects.

Venetian blinds are also ideal if you want to achieve and use the maximum amount of light possible and yet need the privacy. Of course Venetian blinds can be pulled up entirely, leaving all but the top part of your window covered, which will let in masses of natural light, but this also allows passers by to see inside your home. The compromise is to angle the slats horizontally to allow light in and keep prying eyes out!

By angling the slats slightly upwards to is also possible to create wonderful lighting effects as the natural light will be pushed up and onto the ceiling, which if painted white, will then bounce back down and into the room. It is the versatility and practicality of Venetian blinds which make them such a popular window dressing. They can be used on their own as the sole window dressing or can be used in combination with ready made curtains or lightweight voile curtains to provide a totally different look to your windows.

Sheer fabrics such as voiles, silk and organzas can also be used to create some wonderful soft and gentle lighting effects. If you need privacy opt for lined voile curtains as this will not take away their bespoke looks but will provide privacy when artificial lights are turned on. Window dressing layering is another way in which you can bring different lighting effects into your home and is one of this year's hottest interior design trends.

Again lightweight voiles can be used with a more substantial and heavier fabric used for the top layer. Alternatively, ring the changes and use the sheer fabric as the top layer to create a whole new softer look of opulence and refinement at your windows! Image: Just Imagine Design Blog

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