The art of illusion – part 4 – the layering effect

The art of illusion is about seeing what is not really there. One of the latest and possible the strangest interior design trends is to use layering of art on curtains. This is not about using art which has been printed onto fabric, but about hanging artwork onto curtains, or at least make it appear that the picture or painting has been hung onto the curtains.

To achieve this illusion plain curtains are used, typically sheer voile curtains which are used across the entire width of a wall, whether it be a glass wall or a solid one. The curtains are full length and hung from either metal or wooden curtain poles. The art work is then suspended, or gives the illusion that it is, hung onto the curtains. In reality a large framed picture would not be able to be hung directly onto the lightweight fabric as it would simply rip and tear the fabric.

The illusion is created by hanging the artwork in the traditional manner, which is using a picture hook placed directly into the wall, the curtains and then arranged so that they slide behind the picture to produce the effect the picture is hanging from the fabric. Clever stuff, and yet if the wall is made entirely from glass how can this illusion be achieved? It may be that suction hooks are used, just as long as they provide sufficient grip to enable them to take the weight of the picture or maybe it's the pictures themselves which are the illusions and are not a heavy as they look?

Another idea may be that the picture is hung from transparent thread, similar to fishing line, from the curtain pole or curtain track itself, more especially if the curtain pole fixing bracket is placed in the same place where the picture is to be hung. If you don't fancy an actual picture placed over the top of your curtains, layering effects can still be achieved by using two different thickness's and colours of curtain fabric.

Add a soft sheen and glistening effect by using ivory voile curtains over the top of a deep rich colour medium weight curtain to provide a softened look. Inspirational ideas such as these are what keeps the world of interior design alive! Look for lightweight curtains such as Jazz curtains made from taffeta look material which add rich opulent texture to your room as well and you can transform the look and impact of a room really quite easily, it's just a matter of thinking 'outside the box'! Image: Houston Design Blog

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