The art of illusion - part 2 – eye tricks!

The art of illusion is all about tricking the eye and therefore the mind into believing that an item or object is in the place it is expected to be, when it reality it's not!

There are many different ways that you can trick your eyes into seeing what's not really there within interior design. A great example which has been used for hundreds of years is wall murals. Artists where requested to paint vistas and scenes on walls to transport the inhabitants into far away places which usually depicted a better way of life or life style.


This conception is still used and has seen a revival in modern interiors where wall art or self-adhesive stickers are used on plain painted walls to add focal points and of course a new way to bring interest into a room.


As many homes are small the art of illusion has once again an important part of interior design. Modern designers have provided rooms which have the appearance of, for example a table or sofa which is painted onto a wall to maximise space, as the only reality is the chairs or seating which is need for its functionality.


Another good example is painting headboards onto walls rather than having the real thing! This great concept is ideal in rooms which are lacking space as well as being one of the latest in-trend ways to decorate a bedroom.


This idea can also be a great money saver, not only because many headboards are expensive, but also because the mural or painted wall can be changed as frequently as you care to re-paint! Which is the ideal decorating solution in teenager's bedrooms, as they can swap and change to keep up with the latest colour and design trends. If you opt for cheap bedding this can also be changed as frequently!


With the abundance of great quality duvet sets available you could change the entire look of a bedroom in a weekend! Cheap roller blinds make the ideal accompanying window dressing as they too are available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and patterns.


As this year's main interior design theme is to look for best value for money these ideas fit very neatly into the design trends boxes and certainly tick all the right boxes when it comes to value for money. This does not mean to say that luxury bedding is not offering great value for money, far from it! All it does mean is that having designer styles in bedrooms is available to all of us, just that those who are savvy shoppers will be able to have luxury without having to spend a fortune!

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