The art of illusion – part 1 – maximising your space

The art of illusion is principally to make spaces appear larger than they actually are. One of the easiest methods of achieving this is to stick rigidly to the 'no clutter' rule!

It is surprising how claustrophobic living spaces can become when they are full of clutter! A simple tidy up job can make all the difference and enable you to reclaim your living space. Clean lines and chic styling can be achieved by keeping things as simple as possible. This does not necessarily mean that you have to have a living space devoid of any personal objects, what it does mean is that you have to be selective in the things you put out on display.

The style of furniture you choose will also have a marked impact on the illusion of space. If you opt for large chunky pieces of furniture your room can look much smaller than it really is. Another interior design feature is not to push all your furniture against the walls, as this not only gives a 'waiting room' appearance it can actually make your space look more confined.


Placing furniture correctly is an essential part of interior design, the most favoured look is to group your sofa and chairs, with a coffee table in between. However, you need to also make sure that you leave sufficient room between each item of furniture so that you can walk freely between them, otherwise not only does life become very irritating it can actually make your room feel even smaller!

Likewise the window dressing you choose should also follow the same clean lines which do not give the illusion of over fussiness, as again this will make a small window seem even smaller!


A good idea is to use Roman blinds fitted on the inside of the window recess or the latest eyelet style curtains which automatically provide wave style pleats which draw the eye upwards rather than horizontally.


For the maximising the whole illusion of more space the type of window dressing you choose will have an impact on the end result, as even the smallest of rooms can be made to appear larger when the correct style and type of window treatment is used. This includes the style of curtain track or curtain pole you use. Large and chunky may provide the illusion of the window being bigger than it is, however you have to be careful not to opt for too large otherwise the whole object of creating the right illusion will be lost.


Light coloured curtains or blinds are also an effective way of making windows and therefore spaces seem larger. The more natural light you allow into the room the brighter and larger it will become. Pale yellow or cream, as well as white, are ideal colour choices for small rooms.

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