The art of creating balance and harmony

According to Chinese theory the are two forces in the universe, yin and yang. Yin is the negative force and yang is the positive. Those who follow the theory have the ability to detect these forces in everything and regulate their lives accordingly. Within interior design, yin and yang symbols can be used in both décor and soft furnishings. Without having to follow the exact principles of yin and yang, you can still achieve a sense of balance and harmony in your home. Black and White living room with Yin and Yang symbols


Black and white décor and furnishings create a balanced look on the eye. The symbols for yin and yang can be adapted or altered if needs be – you'll still have harmonious décor. Black and white sofas and armchairs in white living room

Prime Classic Design

Subtle touches of the yin and yang sign included on furniture gives an instant style lift that creates visual balance. Yin and Yang sofa cushion


A simple cushion placed on a sofa or chair indicates that you want a room to be a peaceful and restful place. Black and white kitchen units that look like two long Tetris™ blocks against the wall


You can even use yin and yang as a configuration for kitchen cupboards and work tops. Yin and Yang round shelf unit hung on the wall, with one half white and one half black


Yin & yang wall shelving adds the theme to living areas. Yin and Yang day bed, with two sleeping compartments

Lush Home

The principles of yin and yang to create a restful bedroom. Cream and brown tiled floor with oval elongated Yin and Yang symbol

Bloom Design Consultant

Show all who enter your home you live on peace and harmony with a yin and yang design on your hallway floor. Black

YY Table

A yin and yang table brings stylish peace to dining. Yin and Yang crystallised glass table with matching base

Rick Silas

The yin and yang symbol can be used in luxury if you don't mind it not being the typical black and white.

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