Not being a home-owner has many advantages, and, as more and more people are renting I thought we'd take a look at some of them – in no particular order. contents-and-building-insurance-300x200

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No need for costly buildings insurance, this is the responsibility of the landlord. You will however, have to have contents insurance. Happy couple in their new home concept

Great Places

You can move home with relative ease. You only have to give your notice period and you can move; there's no hassle of trying to sell. building-maintenance-header

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You aren't responsible for maintaining the building, it's the landlord's responsibility to ensure the building meets regulations. access_building_maintenance_3720cfee_a4c4_a795_a540_ea2cf88bafd2

Access Building Maintenance

You aren't responsible for decorating, again this is the landlord's responsibility – some landlords are flexible and may let you undertake some decorating, e.g. painting the walls. mortgage_house_keys

Buy To Let

You're not tied into a long term financial commitment. The average mortgage is for 25years. Renting is typically 6 -12 months, giving you the freedom to move when you want to. Home Improvement tools

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Home improvements are the landlord's responsibility. Landlord's have a responsibility to ensure the home meets standards (in reality many shirk this), however, there are many good landlords out there who want to keep their investment at a high standard. article-2245951-167292C3000005DC-301_468x337

This is Money

If you have fully furnished you're not responsible if, for example, the washing machine breaks down, you simply have to contact the landlord or his/her representative to get it repaired or a new one. building_maintenance1

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If you rent an in an apartment block you're not usually responsible for maintaining the public areas, for example a communal lawn, stairway or entrance hall. PAY-apartment


You can more flexible in your choice of home renting. You may want a designer lifestyle but when you're lumbered with hefty mortgage repayments you may not be able to afford life's luxuries, such as a swimming pool or gym.